Samsung Fridge Blinking Red/Blue Light 2,3 Times (Explained)

samsung refrigerator light blinking red & blue 2, 3 times and after power outage

Samsung fridges have lights, but should those lights blink? Some blinking lights are normal, but others are dangerous. They want you to fix a problem. Others want to let you know that the appliance has activated a particular function. They don’t want you to do anything. You can’t differentiate between the two if you don’t know what causes blinking lights in fridges. This guide will tell you what to look for.

Samsung Fridge Blinking Light – Why?

1). Temperature Too High

Samsung fridges come with a manual that shows the recommended temperature. A warm fridge is problematic because it cannot maintain the cold conditions your food requires. Therefore, the appliance will warn you by flashing its lights. It wants you to resolve this issue by lowering the temperature.

Some fridges will continue to flash their lights until you adjust the temperature. Others provide consumers the option of deactivating the lights, regardless of whether or not you lowered the temperature.

2). Door Opened

You can blame flashing lights on an open door. A fridge cannot maintain the correct temperature when the door is available because the cold air keeps escaping. Sometimes, the door is closed, but the seal is damaged or worn out.

As such, cold air is still escaping. You also have cases where loose connections convince the fridge that a closed door is still open. Either way, the flashing will continue until you fix the issue.

3). Defective Bulb

The fridge has an inner light that turns on when you open the door. That light can flash and flicker because of a defective bulb or loose connections. Flashing is rhythmic. Flickering is erratic. You must learn to differentiate between the two.

4). Error Codes

Are you sure the lights are flashing, or is the screen showing a blinking error code? Samsung fridges have error codes that appear and blink when things go wrong. Rather than looking for ways to turn the error codes off, use the manual to find out what they mean, and solve the problem they are trying to bring to your attention.

This Samsung guide has highlighted the fact that some appliances don’t use conventional error codes with numerical figures and letters. Instead, they rely on blinking lights. You interpret the error codes by counting the number of flashes.

5). Hot Food

Some appliances are very sensitive. If you insert hot food, they will warn you. Hot food is dangerous because it lowers the temperature. Hot food can harm older, weaker models. The flashing lights will encourage you to take the food out and to keep it outside until it cools.

6). Power Outage

Samsung fridges flash their lights in response to a power outage. The lights will also flash because the power outage damaged the appliance.

7). Light/Control Board Fault

The lights on a Samsung fridge can flash because it has malfunctioned. For instance, if the control board develops a fault, the lights may blink even when everything else is working.

Samsung Fridge Blinking Light After Power Outage – Why?

Modern fridges are sensitive to power outages because a power outage can have a drastic impact on the operations of the appliance. These are your biggest concerns:

1). Power Outage Affects The Temperature

The primary objective of a fridge is to preserve food by maintaining cold conditions. Samsung refrigerators and freezers have LEDs that blink when the temperature rises. They want you to take action before it’s too late.

A power outage affects the temperature because the fridge is off. The appliance will keep the food cold for a few hours. But if the power outage continues, the temperature will gradually rise. The fridge may respond by flashing the LEDs to warn you of the impending disaster. Contrary to what many people believe, LEDs can still work in the absence of a power supply.

In other words, a blackout won’t stop these lights from working. Their electrical requirements are incredibly low. Unfortunately, your options in such situations are limited. You can connect the fridge to a generator if you have one. Otherwise, you cannot stop the temperature from rising. Hopefully, the power returns before the food go bad.

2). Power Outage Damage The Circuit Boards

A power outage can ruin the sensitive components of your fridge. That includes the circuit boards. A Samsung fridge may flash to tell you something has gone wrong. But you can’t troubleshoot the appliance until the power comes back.

3). Samsung Fridge Blinks To Let You Know That Outage Has Occurred

Some appliances will flash to let you know that an outage has occurred. You might not notice the blackout, especially if it occurs during the day when all the lights are off. Refrigerators make a humming sound.

But most people grow accustomed to that sound and don’t notice when it disappears. For that reason, some refrigerators will flash and beep to notify you about the power outage.

It is not uncommon for a power outage to trip a breaker. If the power has returned, but the fridge is still off, reset the breaker. If the refrigerator is on, but the lights are still flashing, reset the appliance.

Samsung Fridge Blinking Red Light 3 and 4 Times – Why?

The red light will flash three times if the compressor malfunctions. However, you should leave troubleshooting of this sort to an expert. You may electrocute yourself if you tamper with the Samsung fridge.

Another concern is the rising temperature. This is a problem because the temperature can rise for several reasons, including a broken compressor, compromised condenser, loose connections, etc.

A less troublesome cause is the door. If you leave the door open for too long, the red LED will flash. Fortunately, this issue has a simple answer. That is also true for red lights that flash because of hot food in the compartment or frost buildup.

How To Fix It?

  • If the light is flashing because of a power outage, you don’t have to fix it. Wait for the power to return.
  • If the door is open, close it.
  • Check the door seal if the light is flashing even though you closed the door. If the seal is worn out or damaged, replace it.
  • If frost build-up is responsible for the flashing LEDs, defrost the appliance manually.

Samsung Fridge Blinking Blue Light – Why?

  • The control board has a fault.
  • The fan motor is not working.
  • You have frost buildup.
  • The temperature is rising.

Some refrigerators use one color in their LEDs. They use the number of flashes to convey different messages. Other models use multiple colors, and the message being conveyed will depend on the color flashing. In other words, a flashing blue light differs from a flashing red light. Check the manual to get clarification regarding the meaning of each color. 

How To Fix It?

Most of these problems require the services of a technical expert. For instance, you can manually defrost a fridge without assistance. But that is only true if the ice has accumulated in one of the compartments.

But what if the ice is on the fan blades? You can’t open the fridge to access the fan. You may void your warranty. The same issue applies to a defective fan motor. If the motor has debris, you need an expert to remove it and determine whether or not the motor requires replacement.

The control board is the most significant challenge because it affects every aspect of your appliance’s operations. A simple reset can fix some glitches related to the control board. But if it fails, you need an expert to access and replace this component.

One problem you can solve alone is the temperature, but only if the temperature is rising because of the settings. In that case, it is enough to adjust the temperature settings. But if the fridge has failed to cool because the refrigerant is insufficient or the compressor is dead, you need technical assistance.

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