Samsung Refrigerator Door/Filter/Freezer/Ice Light Stays On

samsung refrigerator light stays on/not working

Refrigerators come with lights that illuminate when you open the appliance. People usually get frustrated because the light refuses to come on. But what about the opposite? What if the light has refused to turn off? Is that normal? What can you do about it? This guide will tell you.

Samsung Refrigerator Light Stays On – Why?

1). Faulty Sensor

Start by checking the sensor. The sensor turns the light off when you close the fridge. Test its functions by pressing or covering the component. If the light refuses to turn off, you have a faulty sensor.

I want you to check the food closest to the bulb. If these food items are warm, you have a problem because they can still go bad even though the fridge is on. Ask a technician to inspect the bulb and its socket.

2). Malfunctioned Bulb

This goes without saying. The bulb should be your first consideration. Again, refrigerators use ordinary 120V bulbs. In other words, those bulbs can malfunction.

3). Socket Malfunctions

If the bulb looks fine, I want you to turn your attention to the light socket. Like an ordinary bulb in your home, a refrigerator’s bulb will misbehave once the socket malfunctions.

4). Switch May Be Stuck

Consult the manual. It will show you where to find the door switch. A stuck switch will prevent the light from turning off. You need a technician to troubleshoot this issue. They can disassemble the component to look at the spring that typically causes the switch to pop out.

5). Glitches

Some refrigerators have unique features that occasionally malfunction. For instance, a mechanism called Sabbath mode that prevents the lights from coming on when you open the door. A glitch can easily produce the opposite results.

6). Door Hinges

The door hinges can break or bend. This is problematic because it prevents the magnet and molding from aligning with the sensor. Hinges can break or bend because of the weight of the food on the door shelves.

7). Internal Connection Issue

You have a wiring issue. Refrigerators have internal wiring that brings power to the bulb’s socket. A wiring fault can prevent the light from turning off when you close the door.

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How To Troubleshoot It?

If you think the light in your Samsung refrigerator has refused to turn off, I want you to confirm your suspicions by activating the video function on your phone and leaving the device in the fridge for a few seconds with the door closed.

  • Check the sensor. Try pressing or covering it. If the light stays on, the sensor is defective.
  • Check the mechanical switch if the fridge has one. Press it a few times. Is it sticky? Can you feel any resistance? You can either replace the switch or fix it by removing corrosion and debris.
  • Inspect the bulb’s socket. Some sockets are defective. Others have poor wiring. A layperson cannot inspect a socket. They don’t know what they are looking for. Consult a technician.

Other Samsung Refrigerator Light Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Samsung Refrigerator Light Not Working – Why?

1). The bulb is the most obvious culprit. Remove the component and shake it. Can you hear rattling? Can you see any dark areas around the bulb? Bulbs have limited lifespans.

They will stop working after a while. Although, you can try cleaning their contacts. Dirt and debris can interfere with a bulb’s operations.

2). Check the socket for signs of damage. Look for burn marks, dirt, and debris. Like bulbs, sockets can wear out. Some of them were defective from the start.

3). You have loose or broken connections. Fridges have conductors that bring power to the socket. If the wires break or wear out, the bulb will stop working.

4). Is the fridge connected to a power source? You can’t expect the light to come on when you forget to connect the plug to a functioning wall outlet.

How To Fix It?

1). If the bulb is dead, replace it. But this shouldn’t be your first response. Get a damp cloth and wipe the contacts. Obstructions between the contacts and socket can prevent the bulb from working.

2). If the socket is broken, you should get a new one. A skilled technician can fix mild malfunctions. But if they identify a severe defect, they will encourage you to replace the faulty socket.

3). Make sure the power cord is connected to an outlet. The light won’t turn on in the absence of a reliable power source. Check the power cord for wear and tear.

Try plugging the device into a different outlet. You should connect the plug to a wall outlet if you normally use extension cords.

4). Clean the switch to remove dirt and debris. Pollutants can cause the switch to get stuck. If the door switch is damaged beyond repair, get a new one.

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Off Light Stays On – Why?

You have a defective water inlet valve and control board.

The control board is the most important component in the refrigerator. If it fails, the appliance will malfunction in unexpected ways.

How To Turn It Off?

This light comes on when you hold the relevant button down to deactivate the ice maker. If you wanted the ice maker to deactivate, the illuminated light shouldn’t bother you because it shows that the fridge’s functions are working as expected.

If you think the ice maker light has malfunctioned, ask a technician to inspect the device. They will replace a defective water inlet valve and control board.

Samsung Refrigerator Door Light Stays On – Why?

1). The mechanical switch is defective. Try depressing it. Does it pop in and out as expected? Maybe the spring is corroded, or the switch has dirt and debris.

2). Check the hinges. If they bend or break, the magnet and molding cannot align with the sensors. As such, closing the door won’t be enough to turn the light off.

3). The sensor has malfunctioned. The sensor responds to the door’s closure by turning the light off. If the sensor stops working, the light will stay on.

How To Turn It Off?

1). Try cleaning the components of the mechanical switch, including the spring. If it continues to malfunction, get a new one, especially if the old one keeps sticking.

2). Get a new socket.

3). Replace the sensor.

4). Ask a technician to replace broken or bent door hinges.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Light Stays On – Why?

The water dispenser switch is simply stuck in the closed position. This problem has a relatively simple solution. But if the dispenser control board is defective, you have a bigger problem on your hands.

How To Turn It Off?

You can place the dispenser LED in continuous mode by holding the cubed button down for three seconds. As the name suggests, the light will stay on continuously.

If you did this accidentally, you can eliminate this mode by holding the same button down for three seconds. This will ensure that the light only comes on when someone uses the dispenser.

If the switch is stuck, you can try popping it out with your fingers or a screwdriver. But if the control board has a problem, hire a technician. They can either repair or replace it.

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Light Stays On – Why?

This is the ‘Ice Off’ light, and it comes on when you switch the ice maker off. Technically speaking, it isn’t a bad thing. The light only becomes a problem when you want to use the ice maker, but the light is still on.

If your concern is the dispenser LED, you probably activated continuous mode. So, the light is always on.

How To Turn It Off?

Hold the cubed button down for three seconds to eliminate continuous mode.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Light Stays On – Why?

The filter light is supposed to stay on. The light is blue at the start because the filter is clean. It becomes purple after five months before turning red. Red shows that you need a new filter.

How To Turn It Off?

You can’t turn it off, not unless you hire a technician to tamper with the refrigerator’s features. The filter light is supposed to stay on because it shows you the status of the filter.

Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Light Stays On – Why?

The act of closing the drawer depresses a switch. The switch turns the light off. If the lights won’t turn off, the switch is defective.

How To Turn It Off?

Test the switch by taping it down. If the light stays on, the switch is defective. Try cleaning it with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. If the switch is beyond repair, get a new one.

Samsung Refrigerator Drawer Light Stays On – Why?

The only possible cause is a defective switch, malfunctioning sensor, or poor wiring.

How To Turn It Off?

Check the manual. Some refrigerators have modes that allow the lights to stay on continuously. Consumers occasionally activate these modes by accident. If your appliance has a similar feature, try deactivating it.

If the switches and sensors are defective, replace them. This assumes that the bulb and its socket are working optimally, which is not always the case. A technician can inspect them both to determine their viability.

Laypeople are discouraged from tampering with their refrigerators because of the dangers they pose. Additionally, disassembling components like the sensor may void your warranty. You are better off consulting Samsung customer support staff. Use your warranty to get cheap repairs or a new fridge.

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