Samsung Fridge Plug/Water/Filter/Snowflake Symbols Meaning

Samsung Fridge Plug/Water/Filter/Snowflake Symbols Meaning

Are you new to Samsung refrigerators? If you’re accustomed to older models from less popular brands, a Samsung fridge may confuse you with the number of functions it has to offer. These devices have become incredibly sophisticated over the years, so much so that the layperson may struggle to understand them. Fortunately, you have guides like this one that can tell you everything you need to know.

What Does The Plug Symbol On Samsung Fridge?

The plug symbol is the energy saver function. The plug has two prongs. You will only see it when you press the energy saver button.

This feature does exactly what it says. It saves electricity by reducing the amount of power the fridge is using.

The workings of the energy saver function will vary depending on the model.

For instance, some Samsung fridges will deactivate the heater on the door.

This may sound like a good thing until you notice condensation on the door. You also have models that turn the fridge compartment off. Some people choose to activate the energy saver mode.

But others are surprised to find that energy saver is the default setting. It was active by the time the appliance arrived. Fortunately, you can deactivate the feature whenever you want.

How To Use The Samsung Fridge Plug Symbol?

This function is not particularly complicated. The Samsung fridge has an energy saver button. This is not one of those brands that require the consumer to cycle through a series of buttons and dials to activate energy saver mode.

Pressing the energy saver button is enough to activate the function, and once the energy saver mode activates, the plug symbol will appear.

How To Turn Off This Symbol On Samsung Refrigerator?

The plug symbol appears when you activate the energy saver feature on a Samsung fridge. Therefore, the best way to turn it off is to deactivate the energy saver mode.

Pressing the energy saver button the first time makes the symbol appear. Pressing the energy saver button again deactivates this function, which, in turn, eliminates the symbol.

Look for the energy saver button in the top left corner. But that raises a question.

What if the plug symbol persists? What if the energy saver function refuses to deactivate?

This is a problem. You can try solving the issue by resetting the Samsung appliance. You can achieve this objective by pressing the power freeze and power cool buttons.

Hold them down simultaneously. Most people rarely use this procedure. They prefer to unplug the device. If you wait 30 seconds or even a minute before plugging it back in, you will achieve the same objective.

If the symbol persists, you can try resetting the fridge again. This time, instead of 30 seconds, wait ten or more minutes. People call this a hard reset. But if you have a mild malfunction, pressing the power freeze and cool buttons may solve the problem.

People resort to resetting procedures when the fridge refuses to respond to conventional commands. You may see this in the aftermath of a power outage or surge.

You may also notice flashing lights and erratic error codes. If the plug symbol is still present, you have a serious error on your hands. You can ignore this problem for a little while, especially if the appliance is still working as expected.

But if the fridge’s operations deteriorate, you should consult a technician. Many homeowners will encourage you to seek help before the refrigerator stops working.

Other Samsung Fridge Symbols

The plug is not the only symbol you will see on your Samsung fridge. The brand has included a plethora of icons that provide guidance to people who know what they mean. These Samsung symbols include:

Samsung Fridge Water Symbol Meaning

The water symbol appears when you press the water button. The symbol will light up when the fridge is ready to dispense filtered water.

The water icon is easy to spot. If yours doesn’t have the word ‘Water’ underneath, look for a glass with some water at the bottom. The symbol has a single drop in the middle. You cannot confuse the icon for anything else.

Although, some people think it looks like the ‘Ice’ symbol. But the ice icon is just a glass. It doesn’t have any water.

Samsung Fridge Filter Symbol Meaning

The filter symbol is a square with several dots. It also features a drop at the bottom. The filter icon is vital because it warns you about the status of your filter. Some people do not realize that a fridge’s filter requires changing every six months. If this icon is red, you have used the filter for too long. Or, at the very least, you have used the filter for six months.

The icon is blue when the appliance first arrives. Although, some devices may use different colors, including green and yellow.

Additionally, the icon will turn blue if you install a new filter. But that color will change to pink after five months before settling on red once the filter has been in use for six months.

If you change the filter, but the red icon persists, you should take a moment to reset the appliance.

Samsung Refrigerator Snowflake Symbol Meaning

You engage the freezer button when you want to freeze something. The control panel allows you to select the temperature. The temperature options will vary depending on the Samsung fridge you have. The lower temperatures will freeze the contents of the fridge in the shortest amount of time.

The snowflake symbol is the easiest to spot because it looks like a hexagon. You can see a snowflake at the center. Everyone knows what a snowflake looks like. You cannot confuse this symbol for anything else. The icon appears when you engage the freezer button.

Samsung Fridge Light Symbol Meaning

It comes on when you activate the dispenser unit’s LED light. The LED is important, but it isn’t quite as vital as the other features.

This is another symbol that everyone can identify with relative ease. It looks like a bulb. You have dashes rising from the surface to show that the bulb is lit. The lighting icon is attached to the least sophisticated function in the fridge.

Samsung Fridge Lock Symbol

You activate the child lock feature by holding the child lock button for three seconds. People initiate this function when they want to prevent their kids from playing with the control panel.

This symbol speaks for itself. It looks like a padlock. And if you have any doubts about what it means, look at the words at the bottom of the padlock. They say ‘Child Lock.’

The feature prevents children from tampering with the fridge. They cannot use the functions of the appliance once you engage child lock.

Samsung Fridge Vacation Mode Symbol

The vacation symbol appears when you activate vacation mode. This function reduces the appliance’s energy usage. It will continue to operate. However, it won’t use the same amount of electricity.

You activate vacation mode before going on holiday for extended periods. The appliance limits energy usage by keeping the compartments at 15 degrees C. You activate this mode by pressing the vacation button.

Holding the vacation button for several seconds will deactivate vacation mode.

Samsung Fridge Cubed Symbol Meaning

The icon is connected to ‘Ice Type.’ You will see the symbol when the appliance is ready to dispense ice cubes.

This symbol looks like the water icon. You have a glass. But instead of water, the glass has ice cubes. You can also see the word ‘Cubed’ beneath the glass.

Samsung Fridge Crushed Symbol Meaning

As the name suggests, you see this symbol when the fridge dispenses crushed ice.

This icon has a lot in common with the cubed symbol. You have a glass with ice. However, instead of cubes, the glass has small ice chunks. If you have any doubts, look for the word ‘Crushed’ beneath the glass.

Samsung Fridge Ice Off Symbol Meaning

You use ‘Ice Off’ when you don’t want the fridge to dispense ice. Press and hold the button for three seconds. The function is easy to understand and use.

This time, the glass has the words ‘Ice Off’ instead of crushed or cubed ice. You see this icon when you press and hold ‘Ice Off.’

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