Samsung Fridge Making Noise (Vibrating, Clicking, Knocking)

samsung fridge making vibrating, knocking, clicking, beeping, whirring, bubbling, water, humming, buzzzing, rattling, hissing loud noise

Like most kitchen appliances, Samsung fridges make noise. Some of those sounds are harmless, while others are a source of concern. Differentiating between the two takes work. These are some of the factors responsible for the noise coming from your Samsung fridge:

Samsung Fridge Making Noise – Why?

1). Operational Sounds

Samsung fridges are not quiet. They cannot operate silently because they have too many functions that generate sounds. That includes ice makers and compressors. This Samsung guide expects the plastic parts to expand and contract in response to temperature changes.

Those cracking noises you occasionally hear are innocuous. The fridge has probably initiated a defrost cycle. The cracking is part and parcel of the appliance’s operations. The manual will warn you about these sounds ahead of time to prevent unnecessary panic.

2). Alerts/Warnings/Notifications

Modern fridges are sophisticated. They have audio alerts that notify users about notable changes. For instance, fridges will beep when the temperature is too high. You can expect similar alerts when the door is open. These alerts are warnings. In many cases, they want you to take action.

3). Compressor Is Not Silent

The compressor is part of the reason why a fridge makes noise. This component is not silent. However, it usually hums and buzzes quietly. That buzzing only becomes a nuisance when the compressor wears out and malfunctions.

4). Fridge Is Near To Wall

How close is your fridge to the wall? Some fridges move when they operate. These vibrations are normal. However, if the appliance doesn’t have sufficient clearance, it will generate a sound as it knocks against the wall.

5). Circulation Fan

Samsung fridges have circulation fans that whistle loudly if the appliance is too close to the wall or any other object. The smaller the clearance, the more noise the fridge makes. You can confirm your suspicions by giving the appliance more room on all sides. If the noise levels reduce, you have your answer.

6). Water Line Connected To The Fridge

Do you have a water line connected to the fridge? If you do, the water will make a sound as the ice maker fills. Higher water pressure produces louder sounds. The reverse is also true. Some people confuse the humming from the water for a malfunction in the compressor. A technician can provide a definitive answer after troubleshooting the compressor.

7). Content Fall Over

The contents of your fridge can fall over, producing a banging sound. These sounds are not continuous. You will probably hear one large sound.

8). Clogging

Fridges have fans that cool the refrigerant. Clogging can interrupt the fan blades, producing scraping and grinding. Just In Time Appliance has highlighted the instructions some technicians use to find and remove visible obstructions.

9). Refrigerant

The refrigerant makes a bubbling sound as it moves through the refrigerator’s cooling system. This shouldn’t worry. These sounds are normal.

Samsung Fridge Noise And Troubleshooting Tips

Regardless of the model you have, your Samsung fridge will make one or more of the following sounds at some point during its lifespan:

1). Samsung Fridge Making Loud Noise – Why?

  • The plastic parts are expanding or contracting because of changes in the temperature.
  • Water is filling the ice maker at a higher pressure
  • The fridge is dispensing crushed ice
  • Ice has built up around the fan. As a result, the fan blades are hitting the ice.
  • The appliance is knocking against an object in the vicinity, producing a rattling noise.
  • The compressor has malfunctioned.

How To Fix It?

  • Reduce the water pressure
  • Make sure the fridge has sufficient clearance on all sides
  • Perform a manual defrost
  • Get a new compressor

Some of these problems are normal. For instance, the appliance should make noise when it dispenses crushed ice. The noise should only concern you if it is louder than usual and continuous. In that case, consult Samsung’s customer support personnel.

They can either provide a solution or recommend a repair center. If you have a warranty, they may fix or replace your fridge for free or at a reduced cost.

2). Samsung Fridge making Vibrating Noise – Why?

Refrigerators use compressors to compress and circulate the coolant. If your fridge has attained the correct temperature, you won’t hear this component. However, the compressor will turn on if the appliance is warmer than expected.

It may also generate more noise than usual as it adjusts the temperature. Some compressors cause significant vibrations.

If you’ve ruled out the compressor, check the condenser fan. Condensor fans generate vibrating sounds when they strike objects. But don’t be so quick to blame a random fork or knife that fell in the wrong place.

Ice can invade the fan blades, either warping them or generating loud scraping, grinding, and vibrating sounds.

How To Fix It?

The compressor shouldn’t concern you unless the vibrating sounds are louder than expected, and they won’t stop. In that case, talk to an expert. You can’t troubleshoot the compressor. Fridges are too dangerous for laypeople to open.

If you have the skill to access and inspect the compressor, do the same for the fan. Remove any obstructions you see. If the fan blades have dents or breaks, replace them. You can’t fix them, and if you did, they wouldn’t last.

3). Samsung Fridge Making Knocking Noise – Why?

Is the sound rhythmic and continuous, or is it infrequent? Loud thumping and banging occur when an object in the fridge, such as a container, falls over. But this is an occasional sound. Things in refrigerators don’t fall over every other minute. If the knocking sound is continuous, you can blame the ice falling in the bucket. Otherwise, the fan blades are probably striking an obstacle. You should intervene before the blades bend or break.

How To Fix It?

If some containers fell over, put them back on the shelf and clean the mess they made. You should also find out why they fell. For instance, take some of the items out if the fridge is overcrowded.

You can ignore the ice falling in the bucket. The noise it makes is not loud enough to disrupt your activities. Although, you can deactivate this particular feature. The only significant concern is the fan blades. As was noted above, you should remove the obstructions before they damage the fan blades.

4). Samsung Fridge Making Clicking Noise – Why?

Sometimes, the compressor clicks as it starts. This is perfectly normal. The manual will most likely warn you about the clicking. However, clicking can also signify trouble, especially when it occurs continuously. This shows that the compressor is turning on and off over and over again.

How To Fix it?

You don’t need to fix the clicking sounds if they are normal. Check the manual for confirmation. Some manuals blame the clicking on the condenser coils when the appliance activates the defrost cycle.

Internal components such as the main board shouldn’t click loud enough for you to hear. But those sounds are also normal. Constant clicking accompanied by a loss of function suggests that your compressor is defective. Get a replacement.

Then again, sometimes, cleaning the condenser coils is enough to eliminate this issue.

5). Samsung Fridge Making Beeping Noise

  • The temperature is too high
  • The door is not shut
  • The door is attached poorly

How To Fix It?

  • Check the door. Make sure the wires are connected properly.
  • Close the door. Make sure it is sealed shut.
  • Adjust the temperature.

6). Samsung Fridge Making Whirring Noise

The whirring sound is harmless. It comes from the compressor and fans motor. Some people call it whirring. Others use terms like humming. It only matters when the humming/whirring becomes buzzing. That happens when the fan motor fails, or the water pressure is too high.

How To Fix It?

  • Reduce the water pressure
  • Remove any debris obstructing the fan
  • Replace fans with damaged blades
  • Get a new fan motor
  • Replace damaged compressors

7). Samsung Fridge Making Bubbling Noise

The refrigerant is either moving through the cooling system or changing form (liquid to gas).

You don’t have to fix this issue. Bubbling and gurgling sounds are normal.

8). Samsung Fridge Making Water Noise

The sound you hear is the water moving through the connected water line. The appliance uses that water to make ice.

You don’t have to fix this issue. These sounds are normal.

9). Samsung Fridge Making Noise When Door Is Closed

The noise should stop because you opened the door. The fan and compressor will stop working to save power. The fridge is supposed to make a noise when the door is closed.

You don’t fix it. This is normal behavior.

10). Samsung Fridge Making Humming Noise

  • The compressor is working
  • Water is flowing through the connected line
  • The fan motor is dirty or stuck
  • The fan is hitting ice buildup

How To Fix It?

  • Reduce the water pressure
  • Manually defrost the section with the ice buildup.
  • Ask a technician to either fix or replace the fan motor.

11). Samsung Fridge Making Buzzing Noise – Why?

  • Dirty or stuck fan motor
  • Debris obstructing the fan blades
  • High water pressure level

How To Fix It?

  • Remove the debris in the fan motor
  • Replace damaged fans
  • Lower the water pressure

12). Samsung Fridge Freezer Rattling Noise – Why?

These appliances vibrate. If the fridge is too close to the wall, it will knock against the wall. That applies to any other objects close by. If the refrigerator has sufficient clearance but the rattling has persisted, the compressor is at fault.

How To Fix It?

Rattling from the compressor is normal, especially when it slows down or stops. The noise fades after a few seconds. A compressor that continues to rattle should be inspected by a technician. You have a bigger problem on your hands. Otherwise, look for loose components. You should also give the appliance sufficient clearance.

13). Samsung Fridge Hissing Noise – Why?

  • The refrigerant is moving through the cooling system.
  • Water is falling on the defrost heater.

These sounds are normal. You don’t have to fix them.

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