What Does Flow Sense Light D80/D90/D95 Mean On LG Dryer?

lg dryer flow sense d80, d90, d95 error codes

The LG sense indicator is not that difficult to identify. The words ‘Flow Sense’ is written beneath the icon.

What Does Flow Sense Light Mean On LG Dryer?

Basically, anything that restricts the airflow will compel the dryer to warn you by illuminating the flow sense light. For instance, D80 appears when 80 percent of the airflow is restricted. On the other hand, you will see D90 when the dryer has a 90 percent restriction. Once the restriction exceeds 95 percent, D95 will appear on the screen.

If you’re new to LG dryers, this is what you should know about the flow sense mechanism:

1). First of all, the flow sense indicator will only light up when a problem occurs. In other words, if you can see the flow sense light, something has gone wrong.

2). The flow sense light won’t tell you as much as you think. Instead, you must interpret the error codes on the display. Keep an eye out for numbers like D80 and D95. If you check the manual, it will show you what these error codes mean.

3). The flow sense feature responds to clogging and blockages. Blockages have numerous sources, including pinched ducts and accumulated lint. Homerepairtutor has provided a guide for cleaning dryer ducts.

4). Blockages are not a mere inconvenience. Venting on a dryer performs the same function as venting on any other heavy-duty appliance. It prevents overheating.

An airflow restriction can interfere with the operations of the appliance. If you allow the airflow restriction to continue, the dryer’s efficiency will suffer. The device will take longer to dry its contents.

Besides wasting your time, it will use more energy than you would like, increasing your monthly utility bill. If you allow this situation to persist, the dryer will malfunction. That is the best-case scenario.

A malfunctioning dryer sounds like the worst-case scenario, but that is not true. A clogged vent will start a fire. This is not an exaggeration.

According to this LG guide,

A significant portion of US residential fires (80 percent) begin because of a dryer. Don’t downplay the dangers a clogged vent attracts.

5). If the possibility of fire doesn’t scare you, what about the state of your clothes? You probably don’t realize that a dryer can scorch your clothes. The more time the clothes spend inside the dryer, the more heat the appliance will generate, and the higher the chances of the dryer burning the clothes.

6). Make the lint filter the first place you check. Lint ruins so many washers and dryers every year, which is unfortunate because removing the substance doesn’t take long. Some people will remove the clogging in the vent only to forget the lint in the corners.

Others reduce the length of the duct to make clogging less likely. They also favor rigid ducts. Flexible ducting seems convenient. However, they are more likely to get pinched, kinked, and twisted. A rigid duct is efficient and reliable.

Don’t downplay the amount of effort it takes to troubleshoot a flow-sense light. You can’t just pull lint out of the duct. Your home’s venting system may require remodeling.

This is why licensed technicians are so important. They understand that some flow sense lights illuminate and flash even though the venting is not clogged. They will do the difficult work of disassembling the appliance and inspecting sensitive components such as the control board until they identify the problem.

Flow Sense Light Flashing Different Error Codes And Troubleshooting Tips

Are you ready to troubleshoot your LG dryer? The first step is the easiest. You must learn to identify and interpret the various flow sense error codes, including:

Flow Sense D80 Meaning On LG Dryer

A D80 error code should scare you because it appears when 80 percent of the airflow is restricted. You don’t need anyone to tell you that 80 percent is a lot. The dryer won’t get the air it requires to operate efficiently.

Don’t be surprised if the appliance overheats. More than likely, the lint has accumulated in the duct. Admittedly, some dryers have error codes that flash because of an electronic glitch.

Keep that in mind, especially if you can’t identify any clogging, yet the flow sense light is still flashing.

How To Fix It?

Check the lint filter. Lint has probably accumulated. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to remove the lint unless you have a severe blockage. Pull the obstructions out.

If the D80 error code persists, turn your attention to the hose. Disconnect it and perform a thorough inspection. Sometimes, the appliance is not at fault.

Look at your venting system. Check inside and outside for obstructions. The error code will disappear once the air can flow freely and easily. Try resetting the dryer. Some error codes will linger because of an electronic glitch.

Watch this video for more insight!

LG Dryer D80 Code But Not Blockage – What Should Be The Reasons?

Are you sure the dryer doesn’t have a blockage? Some people associate blockages with lint in the vent. But blockages can also occur because of kinks in the hose.

If you fixed the hose and removed the clogging, reset the dryer. Some error codes will continue to flash because of a glitch. Unplug the device, leave it alone for several minutes and reconnect it.

Flow Sense D90 Meaning On LG Dryer?

D90 is similar to D80. You have a blockage in the dryer’s vents and ducts. The difference is the severity. You see D80 when the airflow is restricted by 80 percent. If the display starts showing D90, the restriction has escalated to 90 percent. At this point, the dryer will continue to run, but the efficiency of the appliance will fall drastically because the air cannot circulate optimally.

The same factors that attract a D80 error code will also cause the D90 error code. That includes lint in the filter and pinched hoses. You should also troubleshoot your home’s ventilation system.

How To Fix It?

Remove any obstructions you find. Look at the lint filter. Is it clogged? Remove the lint. Check the exhaust hose. Disconnect it where necessary and eliminate whatever blockages you encounter.

Don’t forget to inspect the hose. A kinked, pinched, or damaged hose can obstruct the airflow. This is also true for the wall ducts and outside vents. If you can remove a D80 error code, it won’t take long to do the same for D90.

The LG dryer will clear the error code once you remove the blockages. As you may have guessed, severe blockages require the assistance of a technical expert, especially in cases where you have to disassemble the dryer to remove the obstructions.

Don’t downplay the harm you can do by disassembling the dryer when you don’t have the relevant skill or experience.

LG Dryer D90 Code But Not Blockage – What Should Be The Reasons?

Check the flexible duct. Flexible ducts are popular because they allow consumers to push their dryers up against the wall. They don’t realize that doing so can pinch the duct, blocking the flow of air.

If you can’t find any obvious obstructions, check the flexible ducts. Replace them with rigid ducts. The people at next modern home have also encouraged consumers to check the joints of flexible ducts.

You may not notice these blockages without disassembling the hose. If you can’t find any blockages or obstructions, check the sensors. Dryers have sensors that respond when the temperature exceeds a specific threshold.

Either the temperature sensors are defective, or the temperature has risen for some other reason. You should also troubleshoot the thermostats.

Flow Sense D95 Meaning On LG Dryer

The airflow restriction has jumped to 95 percent. Don’t be surprised if the dryer shuts down. It cannot get the air it needs to operate. In other words, you cannot ignore this error code. Your ventilation system requires careful inspection.

How To Fix It?

Look for blockages in the lint filter. Check the exhaust hose for loose debris. If you can remove the obstructions, the error code will disappear. If it persists, reset the appliance by depriving it of power for a few minutes.

LG Dryer D95 Code But No Blockage – What Should Be the Reason?

The LG dryer thinks the ventilation system is blocked. The obvious culprits are faulty sensors and thermostats. Or maybe the appliance is blaming the rising temperature on clogging when the issue has a different cause.

Tips To Unclog LG Dryer Vent

1). Turn the dryer off. Disconnect the appliance from the wall outlet.

2). Retrieve the filter screen and remove the lint.

3). Use your hands to remove whatever lint you see in the dryer. You can eliminate the remnants with soapy water.

4). Pull the dryer away from the wall to access the vent. Check the trap (if the appliance has one). You should also disconnect the air duct. Look for signs of damage. If you notice severe tears, get a new vent. Otherwise, vacuum the duct.

5). The people behind US News 360 Reviews have encouraged homeowners to vacuum the lint filter.

6). In the absence of a vacuum, use a wire hanger to access debris in the vents and ducts.

7). Check the vent cover outside. Use a brush or vacuum to remove the lint and debris.

8). Buy a dryer duct cleaning kit. It has all the tools you need to remove obstructions, including flexible rods.

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