LG Dryer Says Check Filter (Fixed)

lg dryer says check filter

The ‘Check Filter’ light is not your enemy. However, it can become a menace when it refuses to go away. This guide will show you how to respond.

LG Dryer Says Check Filter – Why?

People think ‘Check Filter’ is an error code. But they are wrong. ‘Check Filter’ is merely a reminder. It appears before you initiate a new drying cycle. The light wants you to remember to clean the lint filter.

‘Check Filter’ frustrates some people because they expect the light to disappear once they clean the lint filter. And yet, the remainder will continue to illuminate before each drying cycle, causing confusion in the process.

You need to realize that the mechanism behind the ‘Check Filter’ light doesn’t know the state of the lint filter. It doesn’t know whether this component is clean or dirty. In fact, it can’t even tell that you just cleaned the filter.

Therefore, you shouldn’t interpret ‘Check Filter’ as a sign that something is wrong with the filter. Nothing will happen if you choose to ignore it, especially if the lint filter is clean. And if you hate looking at the light, it will disappear once you start a new drying cycle.

Why Do You Need To Check Filter In LG Dryer?

1). Fire 

Using a clogged filter is just as bad as not installing a filter in the first place. The lint will block the vents and drains, leading to overheating. Overheating will ignite a fire. Don’t forget that lint is flammable.

Once a fire starts in the appliance, it will eventually spread to the curtains, cushions, magazines, and all the other flammable materials in the vicinity.

Great American insurance group blames nearly 3,000 fires a year on dryers. They injure dozens of people while causing millions of dollars in damage.

2). Dryer Efficiency Will Decrease

The dryer’s efficiency will suffer because of overheating. You will find that it doesn’t dry your clothes as effectively as before, or it takes longer than usual. Some dryers will either stop working or shut down shortly after starting because of the excess heat.

3). Utility Bills Will Skyrocket

Your utility bills will skyrocket because the LG dryer is working harder to satisfy your needs. Don’t forget that dryers with clogged filters and vents take longer to dry a load.

Fortunately, anyone can clean a dryer filter. You don’t need technical assistance. Use the manual to find it. The exact location will vary depending on the model. You can simply pull it up by holding the top center in upfront dryers.

The appliance may also compel you to remove some panels with a screwdriver. Wiping this component with wet fingers is enough to remove the lint. Proceed systematically using downward motions until you’ve covered every surface.

This works best for filters you clean whenever you use the dryer. But if you prefer to wait a few days or weeks, I want you to use soapy water. Otherwise, residue from fabric softeners and conditioners will remain.

Don’t forget to clean under the lint filter with a vacuum or lint brush. If the dryer’s efficiency has dropped even though you cleaned the filter, pull the appliance away from the wall and check the vent.

Poor or infrequent maintenance allows lint and various forms of debris to clog the vents. Cleaning the vents is more challenging than the filter. You need a brush with an extendable handle that can reach into the duct to remove obstructions.

Don’t forget that many people leave objects in the pockets of their clothes. Those objects will accumulate in the vents over the weeks and months. Some blockages are stubborn. They require a vacuum with an attachment to suck all the lint and dust out.

Your final stop is the exterior vent. Once you vacuum the lint out, start the dryer. Put it on fluff and wait ten minutes. The goal is to force any remaining lint out. If you’re satisfied with what you see, you can put the cover back.

My Filter Is Clean, But Check Filter Light Won’t Turn off – Why?

  • Are you sure the light has refused to turn off? ‘Check Filter’ is supposed to appear at the start of every drying cycle. You can’t make it disappear. If you only see the light at the beginning of the drying cycle, and it fades when you start the cycle, you can stop worrying. The light is doing what the manufacturer intended.
  • Check the thermistor. If you keep seeing ‘Check Light’ and the dryer refuses to start, the thermistor has a problem.
  • Either the dryer is overheating, or you have a faulty control board that keeps flashing ‘Check Filter’ because it thinks the dryer is overheating. This can occur because of communication errors between the circuit board and thermistor or a defective thermistor.

How To Fix It?

  • If the light only appears at the start of the cycle, you don’t have to do anything. It will disappear when the drying cycle starts. Hunker suggests pressing ‘Start/Pause’ to eliminate it immediately.
  • Do as the light says and clean the lint filter. But don’t limit your activities to the lint filter. Pull the dryer away from the wall and disconnect the hose. Check for obstructions that may explain the overheating the dryer’s systems have detected.
  • Check the ductwork as well. Overheating can occur because of lint and debris in the ducts. Don’t stop until you’ve inspected and cleared the outside vent.
  • Get a new thermistor and blower thermostat. These components measure the temperature. They can send false readings to the control board when they develop faults.
  • Get a new control board. A defective control board may misunderstand the readings from the thermistor and blower housing thermostat. It will flash ‘Check Light’ even when the temperature is normal. The only solution is a replacement.
  • Fix bad and loose connections 
  • Perform a reset.

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