Turn OFF Sound On LG Dryer (6 Alternatives Explained!)

turn off lg dryer sound

LG washers and dryers have melodies that play at various times. They will play when you turn the appliance on. They may also play when you turn it off. Additionally, the machine will generate a sound whenever you press a button or turn a dial.

The melody may change depending on the model. But it is common practice for LG washers and dryers to accompany each feature, function, and action with audio notifications. If you want to turn these sounds off, you’re not alone.

LG Dryer Sound Turn Off – How?

LG dryers offer several options for deactivating the sound, including:

1). Using The Signal Button

  • Turn the appliance on. You can’t adjust the volume when the washer/dryer is off.
  • Use the dial to set the cycle you want.
  • Press the signal button.
  • Select high, medium, or low on the screen.

This option won’t necessarily turn the sound off. But it can lower the volume to a point where you can barely hear it, which is more than enough for some people.

2). Using Signal/On/Off

Some models have a ‘Signal’ button. However, the ‘Signal’ button also says ‘On/Off’ because holding the button down for several seconds will turn the sound off.

Check this video for more insight!

3). Using Water Plus Button

Some models have a button called ‘Water Plus’ instead of ‘Signal.’ Hold it down for three seconds, it will provide you the option of increasing or decreasing the volume.

4). Using Cold Wash Button

Find the ‘Cold Wash’ button on machines that don’t have ‘Signal.’

Hold ‘Cold Wash’ for three seconds to turn the sound off.

5). USING Dry Level Button

LG DLE7000W Electric dryer uses ‘Dry Level’ as another button that eliminates the sound. Although, in this case, holding ‘Dry Level’ for a few seconds allows you to adjust the volume. You can reduce the volume so much that the melody disappears completely.

6). Using Turbo Wash/Pre-Wash Button

You find the ‘Turbo Wash’ and ‘Pre Wash’ buttons above the signal marker. Hold these buttons down for three seconds. This will mute the sound. Naturally, this method only works when the machine is on.

Many washer/dryer units don’t have volume adjustment mechanisms because of the limited space. Washer/dryer units must accommodate drying cycles. As such, the control panel doesn’t have room for buttons and dials that alter the volume.

How Do I Turn The Sound Back On My LG Dryer?

Most LG washers and dryers use the following procedure:

  • Turn the appliance on
  • Turn the dial to select a cycle. The screen will come to life. It will reflect your selection.
  • Find the signal button and hold it for three seconds
  • Use the buttons on the screen to raise the volume.

In some cases, the audio is not off. It is simply too low for you to hear. Raising the volume will solve this issue. In other situations, you can’t adjust the volume. Holding the signal button will mute the sound.

As such, turning the audio back on is a simple matter of holding the same signal button down. Don’t expect every washer and dryer to feature a signal button. Different models will use different buttons to control the sound.

For instance, some LG dryer uses ‘Temp’ and ‘Spin’ buttons. Holding these buttons simultaneously for three seconds will turn the sound on.

But some LG dryer uses ‘Dry Level.’ The ‘Dry Level’ button allows you to adjust the volume. You can also use the button to turn the sound on and off. Check your manual. It will show you the correct button to press and hold to unmute the sound.

Don’t expect every LG model to use the same muting and unmuting procedures. If your dryer’s audio adjustment mechanisms have stopped responding, call a technician. Your dryer has a fault.

LG Dryer Doesn’t Make Sound When I Turn On – Why?

More than likely, you turned the sound off. Some people do this by accident. Muting the sound is not that difficult. You can perform this task by holding the right button down. Unfortunately, the mute button on many LG models is not labeled.

For instance, you can mute some appliances by holding the ‘Temp’ and ‘Spin’ buttons down. Because those buttons don’t say ‘Signal ON/OFF,’ you won’t realize that you muted the sound by holding them down.

Confirm your suspicions. Check the manual, identify the buttons that mute the sound and hold them down. If the sound comes back on, you can conclude that you previously muted the audio.

Otherwise, the dryer has a defect.

How To Fix It?

If you muted the audio by accident, unmute it. Use the manual to find the unmuting procedures. If you have the skill, you can also open the dryer. Find the speaker wires. If they are loose or broken, you can reconnect or repair them. Otherwise, ask a technician to troubleshoot the dryer. They can find and resolve the machine’s faults. 

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