How To Drain Water From LG Front, Top Load Washing Machine?

how to drain water from lg automatic washing machine top and front load

What happens when an LG washer refuses to drain? This guide will provide some viable solutions to your problem.

How To Drain Water From LG Automatic Washing Machine?

Your response to draining issues will depend on the type of washing machine you have on hand. Consider the following:

Front Load

Front-load washers get their name from the location of the door. Unlike a top-load washer, a front-load washer’s door is located at the front. You have three methods for draining water from a front-load LG automatic washing machine:

  • Spin Only

1). Usually, you start by turning the washing machine off. After all, tampering with an energized washer introduces all kinds of risks. But in this case, you must turn the washing machine on.

2). Find the spin speed selector button and use it to select a spin speed.

3). Press ‘Start.’

Why does this procedure work? Because the LG automatic washer will drain the water before it spins. This may take several minutes, depending on the amount of water in the washer.

Watch this video to know more in detail!

  • Manual Process

This is the first solution most laypeople deploy, and it works. Get a bucket or a cup, and start siphoning water out of the washing machine. This approach is as straightforward as it sounds. However, it is also exhausting and time-consuming.

People use it when the spin method fails. They also rely on the manual solution if they lack the expertise or confidence to try the third option, which involves accessing the drain hose.

  • Drain Hose

1). Turn the power off

2). Shut the tap off. You don’t want the faucet to add more water to the washer.

3). Find the drain hose. Check the access panel at the bottom left corner of the front section of the appliance. Check the manual if you can’t find the access panel or drain hose.

You should also browse LG’s online platforms. They provide tutorials with videos that explain the workings of their appliances. The most challenging aspect of this method is finding the drain hose.

4). Take the drain hose out and place the end in a bucket or any container you have on hand. Place the container next to the access panel before you pull the hose off. Otherwise, you will make a mess.

5). The water will escape the hose via the drain. Wait for all the water to drain before reconnecting the hose.

Top Load

The door on the top-load washer is at the top, hence the name. You can apply the same methods that resolve drainage issues in a front-load washing machine:

  • Spin Only

1). Turn on the washing machine. You cannot use the spin-only method when the appliance is deactivated.

2). Find the special use selection button and select ‘Spin Only.’

3). Find the spin speed selection button and choose the appropriate spin speed.

The washer will drain the water before spinning. The duration will depend on the amount of water and the state of the hose. A clogged or damaged hose may take longer.

Watch this video to know more in detail!

  • Manual Process

Get a bucket or cup and scoop the water out of the LG washing machine. Naturally, this approach takes too long, especially if the washer is full. Don’t be surprised if this method harms your back. Use it as a last resort in case the other methods fail.

  • Drain Hose

1). Unplug the washer. If the appliance is hard-wired, use the breaker to cut the power.

2). Disconnect the water supply.

3). Find the drain hose. This involves pulling the appliance away from the wall and checking the back. The hose is easier to find here because it runs to the pipe in the wall.

4). Pull the hose away from the drain pipe and place the end in a bucket. Some hoses have a clamp that holds them in place. You should cover the floor beneath the drain pipe with rags to keep the area clean and dry when disconnecting the drain hose.

5). Let the water drain out of the LG automatic washing machine.

What if the water refuses to drain out of the hose? You have a clogged filter. Remove the obstructions before attempting to drain the water out through the hose.

What Causes The LG Washing Machine To Not Drain Water?

You can’t keep disconnecting the hose to drain the washing machine. Find out why the appliance has refused to drain and fix it to resolve the problem once and for all. Common culprits include:

1). Faulty Door Switch

The door switch is the last component people consider when the washer refuses to drain. They don’t realize that a faulty door lock switch prevents the washer from running. Usually, the appliance cannot operate when the lid is open.

A faulty switch tricks the washing machine into believing that a closed lid is open. As a result, the draining function won’t work. Ask an expert to either repair or replace the door lock switch.

2). Clogged Hose

A clogged hose will prevent the water from escaping the washing machine. Fortunately, this problem is easy to diagnose. Find the hose and check for obstructions. Plumbers use snakes to remove blockages from pipes. Use these devices to unclog the drain hose.

You can do the same for the drain pipe on the wall. Apply caution while unclogging the hose. Don’t push sharp objects haphazardly into the drain. If you tear or puncture the hose, you must buy a replacement.

If the obstructions require a firmer hand, call an expert. They can provide a solution that doesn’t harm the hose. Although, some obstructions are so stubborn that you have no choice but to get a new hose.

3). Kinked Hose

Hoses can develop kinks that close the passageway, preventing water from flowing out of the appliance. However, like clogging, hoses with kinks are easy to diagnose.

Take the hose out and inspect it. Remove the kinks you see. Sometimes, removing a kink tears the hose. Replace the hose once that happens.

4). Clogged Drain Pump

Tip the washing machine over and inspect the drain pump. Is it clogged? You are better off leaving the drain pump in the hands of an expert. You can unclog and repair some drain pumps. But others require replacement. Only an expert can make that distinction. You don’t want to waste money on a new pump when the old one is repairable.

5). Blocked Filter

Drain filters are supposed to catch debris such as lint and the small objects you routinely forget in your pockets. If you forget to clean the filter, the debris will accumulate, blocking the filter and preventing the water from draining.

Fortunately, drain filters are easily accessible. Remove the debris and clean the filter. You should also replace damaged filters.

Why Do You Need To Drain Water Washing Machine?

  • You can’t wash a new load with water that cleaned the previous load because that old water is dirty. You must drain the old water to add fresh water.
  • You can’t rinse a soapy load without draining the soapy water and adding fresh water.
  • What if you don’t need to wash a new load or rinse a soapy load? You still have bacteria to consider. You can’t allow water to stand in an inactive LG automatic washing machine. Bacteria will breed.

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