What Is Delay Wash On LG Washer? (Find It Now!)

what is delay wash on lg washer

Many people ignore the delay wash feature on their LG washer because they don’t know what it does. Others think the feature is dangerous. Are they correct? It depends on how you use it. As this guide will soon show, the delay wash feature has advantages and disadvantages.

What Is Delay Wash On LG Washer?

Delay wash on the LG washer allows the wash cycle to start at a later time. You can delay the wash cycle on some LG models for up to 12 hours.

If this mechanism is new to you, this is what you should know:

1). The delay wash feature allows consumers to program the wash cycle. You can program your washer to wash your clothes at a specific time in the near future.

2). You can insert a load in the morning. However, rather than initiating the wash cycle, you can program the machine to perform its role an hour before you get home.

As a result, you can move the load to the dryer when you return. You can do the same thing at night. Program the washer to start an hour before you wake up.

This allows you to put the clothes on a line before leaving for work. You can use the delay function to fit your washing routine into any schedule you make.

3). The delay wash feature serves a more practical purpose than merely making your life more convenient. It can lower your utility bill by allowing you to wash your load during the hours of the night when the tariffs are the cheapest.

4). However, most people don’t care about cheap tariffs and electrical plans. They love the delay wash function because it allows the appliance to wash their clothes in their absence.

In other words, they don’t have to tolerate the large piles of clothing that generally accumulate at the end of the week when one is too busy to wash every day. With the wash delay feature, the machine will wash and dry your clothes even when you’re away.

But that raises a question. Is this practice safe? Does it make sense to leave the washer running when you’re not around? Many professionals have discouraged consumers from leaving electronic devices and appliances on when they leave for work or at night when they are fast asleep.

So many things can go wrong. For instance, arcing can start a fire. If arcing happens when you’re around, you can switch the power off before the worst comes to pass.

But if arcing happens during the day, when you’re at work, the washer may burn your house to the ground. What about leaks? Water damage is nothing to scoff at. What if a washer floods the laundry room during the night?

As you can see, delay features are risky. However, that shouldn’t stop you from using them. Why? Because the manufacturer included this mechanism for a reason.

If LG thought the delay feature was too dangerous, they would have removed it from their appliances. However, they kept it around because the risks are not as bad as people think.

Then again, you can make the delay function dangerous if you forget to perform proper maintenance and repair. A washer in poor condition can burn your house to the ground even when you’re home.

The delay wash mechanism will not harm you if you take the relevant precautions.

How Do I Use LG Delay Wash?

LG washers have a delay button. Every time you press the button, you increase the duration of the delay. Regardless of your model, you should start by turning the machine on.

You can’t program a washer when it is off. Configure the settings to fit your load preferences.

The most crucial step is to press ‘Delay Start’ the correct number of times. For instance, press the button four times to create a delay of four hours. Once you hit ‘Start,’ the machine will start counting down.

You don’t have to do anything else. If you configured the delay wash feature correctly, the appliance will initiate the wash cycle once the delay duration elapses.

Watch this video for more insight!

Why Is LG Delay Wash Not Working?

Are you sure you activated the delay wash feature? Have you checked your manual? Maybe your current model uses a different procedure for starting the delay wash feature from your previous model.

Have you ever owned a washer with a delay mechanism? Don’t expect all the brands to use the same procedures. If you asked your friends and family for advice on how to program the appliance, they probably based their instructions on their experiences with models whose procedures differ from the instructions in your manual.

This is why the manual is so important. Make sure you followed every step outlined. If you did everything the manual said, but the delay wash feature has refused to work, you have to consider the possibility that you accidentally paused it.

It isn’t enough to program the machine. After using the delay button to set the time, you must press ‘Start’ to initiate the countdown.

However, you should only do this once. If you press the start button twice, you may pause the program. This is where people go wrong. Either they forget to press start, or they press start twice.

In both cases, the delay wash mechanism won’t work. The only other significant concern is a stuck start button. Although, a stuck button is very easy to spot.

If you’ve performed a visual inspection of the start button, and you pressed ‘Start’ once, but the delay feature has refused to work, you should consult an expert.

A technician can disassemble the washer to troubleshoot sensitive components like the control board. You may do more harm than good by opening the machine yourself.

More importantly, you may void your warranty. Rather than losing out on cheaper repairs or a free replacement, talk to LG’s customer support staff. They will advise you accordingly.

How To Fix LG Washer Delay Wash?

Read the instructions carefully. If you don’t have a manual, check LG’s website. It will show you the best way to activate the delay wash feature.

If you’ve configured the machine as the instructions said, but it has refused to work, perform a reset.

  • Unplug the washer from the wall outlet,
  • Wait a few minutes, and
  • Reconnect it.

People use resets to eliminate error codes. However, they can also resolve simple glitches. An electronic glitch can prevent the delay wash mechanism from working.

Otherwise, your best option is to call an expert.

If you have a warranty, LG may fix your washer for free. If it has a severe fault, they may also replace it. However, don’t be surprised if they void your warranty because you opened the washer beforehand and caused even more damage.

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