What Does Reset Filter On A GE Microwave Mean? (Find It Now)

reset filter light on ge microwave

LEDs on a GE microwave are supposed to enhance the troubleshooting process. But they won’t help you if you don’t know what they mean. Take the reset filter light as an example. Most technicians hold the reset filter light in high esteem. They think the LED is of great importance. But is that true?

What Does Reset Filter On A GE Microwave Mean?

The reset filter icon will illuminate when it is time to replace the filter. Some people take this as a sign that the filter is dirty, but that is not necessarily true. According to GE appliances, you should change the filter every 6 – 12 months.

If you exceed this duration, the microwave’s functions may suffer. A cursory glance at the filter will also reveal that it needs changing because of all the dirt and grime it has accumulated over the weeks and months.

Discolored filters attract a lot of concern, and for a good reason. However, as was noted above, the reset filter light doesn’t illuminate because the filter is dirty.

The light will come on because GE expects consumers to change the filter every 6 – 12 months.

The microwave will use the ‘Reset Filter’ light to tell you you’ve exceeded this duration. In other words, the light may illuminate even when the microwave filter isn’t dirty.

This sounds unlikely. However, you should remember that some people use their microwaves more than others. In fact, some microwaves spend most of their time in storage.

Therefore, you can’t expect their filters to deteriorate at the same pace as a filter in an appliance that gets frequent use. The only way to accurately interpret the LED’s meaning is to inspect the filter.

This GE Appliances guide associates ‘Reset Filter’ lights with upfront charcoal filters in over-the-range microwaves. People buy these models because you can access the charcoal filter with relative ease.

You can also change the filter without using additional tools.

If you’ve never changed the microwave’s filter,

  • start by opening the microwave door.
  • Find the access panel above the cavity opening. Look for the section that says ‘Push.’ Pushing the access panel will lower the panel door. Retrieve the filter. If it looks dirty and discolored, you should replace it.
  • Otherwise, put the filter back and close the access panel. Don’t worry about the illuminated ‘Rest Filter’ LED, even though it is still on.

Some people expect the light to disappear once they replace the filter. And that can happen. But in most cases, the indicator will persist until you press and hold the ‘Reset Filter’ button down. This will reset the LED, switching it off.

Again, it should be reiterated that you don’t have to change the filter simply because the ‘Reset Filter’ light is illuminated. The microwave is trying to warn you that you haven’t replaced the filter in more months than the manufacturer encourages.

If you inspect the filter and it doesn’t require changing, reset the filter light and move on. Don’t waste money on a new filter when the old one can still work. If you have questions and reservations, check the manual. What does it say?

If the manual treats the ‘Reset Filter’ LED as a sign of a dirty filter, you should replace the filter. But if the manual has described the indicator as a warning you see every 6 – 12 months, you can inspect the filter to put your mind at ease, but you don’t have to change it.

If you have questions, talk to the manufacturer. Send them a message asking for clarification with regards to the function of the ‘Reset Filter’ light. They will tell you whatever you need to know.

How Do You Know The Time To Reset Filter On A Ge Microwave?

Charcoal filters have a porous surface with a dull texture. A shiny surface signifies trouble because it shows that the filter has too much grease. Even without the shiny surface, any layperson can identify a filter filled with grease.

If you’re hesitant to open the microwave but you don’t want to hire a consultant when your filter is perfectly healthy, use the microwave to prepare some food. Does the scent match the food in the microwave?

An old and dirty filter will corrupt your food with smells from previous meals because of the accumulated grease.

Don’t hesitate to replace the filter. You can’t clean these devices. Once grease accumulates in a filter, your only option is to get a new one. Fortunately, charcoal filters are cheap.

GE Microwave Reset Filter Light Won’t Go Off – Why?

People expect the light to disappear once they replace the filter. But that won’t happen because the microwave cannot analyze the state of the filter. It will activate the ‘Reset Filter’ light because you haven’t replaced the filter in six or more months.

It has no idea whether or not the filter is dirty. Therefore, unless you have a unique model whose manual says otherwise, don’t expect the light to disappear simply because you replaced the filter.

How To Fix It?

You must hold the reset filter button down for five seconds or more to eliminate the ‘Reset Filter’ indicator. In fact, hold the button down for as long as it takes to fix this issue.

If you think the microwave has a glitch, reset the appliance. GE microwaves do not offer reset buttons.

You reset the device by turning off the fuse behind the control panel or using the thermal cutout.

GE Microwave Reset Filter Light Blinking – Why?

A blinking reset filter light is a reminder. GE expects consumers to replace the filters every 6 – 12 months. It isn’t a sign of a dirty filter. Therefore, it isn’t necessarily a cause for concern.

Some models have a reset filter light that flashes. In other cases, the light is solid. The interpretation is typically the same. You haven’t changed the filter in 6 months.

What Happens If You Don’t Change GE Microwave Filter?

Technically speaking, nothing will happen. The filter doesn’t affect the microwave’s operations, at least not directly. The charcoal filter is specifically designed to remove smoke and strange smells. A dirty filter won’t cause overheating, as some people assume.

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