How To Reset A Siemens iQ300 Washing Machine? (Easy Steps!)

how to reset a siemens iq300 washing machine

Do you have a Siemens IQ300 washing machine? Is it malfunctioning? The last technician you consulted probably encouraged you to reset it. But how do you reset a Siemens IQ300 washing machine?

Is it enough to press the reset button? Does the device have a reset button? If it doesn’t, what alternative reset methods can you use? This guide will tell you.

Is There A Reset Button On Siemens IQ300 Washing Machine?

The Siemens IQ300 doesn’t have a reset button.

Washing machines don’t offer reset buttons. The number of models on the market with this feature is tiny. Manufacturers like Siemens expect consumers to use conventional reset methods, the kind most electronic appliances use.

They don’t see the point in offering a specialized reset button. Although, a reset button would simplify things because the reset procedures some Siemens washers use are somewhat complicated.

How Do I Reset Siemens IQ300 Washing Machine?

The easiest way to reset an electronic device is to deprive it of power. If it has a power button, use that button to shut the machine off. If it has a plug, pull it out of the outlet.

If the appliance is hardwired, use the circuit breaker. Shut the power off. But don’t be so quick to reconnect it. Wait a minute or two before turning the power on and starting the washer.

If that doesn’t work, try this method

  • Close the door
  • Turn your dial to the 6 o’clock position
  • Hold the spin button down for 3 second
  • Turn your dial to 7 o’clock

It will display the error code & resolve it accordingly.

For more insight, check this video!

When Do I Need To Reset Siemens IQ300 Washing Machine?

If you’re thinking about resetting the IQ300 washer, you have probably encountered one or more of the following problems:

Siemens IQ300 Washing Machine Not Draining

Draining issues are not complicated. The hose is the main culprit. This component is either twisted and kinked or blocked. Please, inspect it.

If it has kinks and bends, you will see them. Removing these kinks won’t take long. Blockages may present a more significant challenge, but you can eliminate them without the assistance of a professional.

It is a simple matter of removing the drain plug and retrieving the debris.

Siemens IQ300 Washing Machine Not Spinning

You have a defective motor. The carbon brushes are worn out. A technician can provide a replacement. If the motor seems fine, check the filter for obstructions.

Don’t forget to check the load. An unbalanced load can prevent the drum from spinning.

Siemens IQ300 Washing Machine Not Drying

The machine has blocked filters and vents. The device cannot operate optimally with clogged components. To be more specific, the water cannot drip down when the condenser is blocked.

Another potential culprit is a defective fan. A rigorous maintenance routine would typically identify these problems and resolve them before they debilitate the washing machine’s functions.

This is particularly true for the blockages. You should clean the filters and vents routinely.

Siemens IQ300 Washing Machine Won’t Open

This problem tends to originate from an active child lock. Child lock mechanisms are convenient because they prevent children from accidentally tampering with the machine’s functions.

You may not realize why the controls have refused to respond because you unknowingly engaged the child lock.

If the child lock is off, but the door won’t open, hire a professional to troubleshoot the door. The locking mechanism has a fault.

Error Codes

E18 Meaning

You have a blockage in the filter. If you can’t see any obstructions in the filter, check the drainage hose for clogging and kinks. This error code wants you to clean the filters and hoses.

E29 Meaning

The water inlet has a problem. Do you have sufficient pressure? The washer requires a specific pressure to operate optimally. In the absence of adequate pressure, the machine may flash the E29 error code to let you know that the water inlet has a problem.

You don’t have to concern yourself with this problem. Talk to your service provider. They will offer a solution. This assumes that your plumbing is not responsible for the low pressure.

Sometimes, a blocked hose can attract this error code.

CL Meaning

You have a bad door switch. Or, at the very least, the door has a fault. If you’re lucky, you simply forgot to close the door.


F18 is similar to E18. People associate the error code with blocked and kinked drainage hoses, not to mention clogged filters. Some people cannot tell whether their display shows E18 or F18. But the results are the same.

Either way, you must check the filters and hoses, removing any kinks and bends you can find before resetting the machine.


The carbon brushes are dead. Hopefully, you can fix this issue without replacing the motor.

Consult a licensed technician to identify the best solutions at your disposal. Sometimes, the error code will persist even though you changed the defective components.

Don’t be so quick to blame the new component in such situations. Perform a reset. Some machines manifest error codes that refuse to go away until you perform a reset.

Does Resetting Fix All These Issues? Troubleshooting Tips

You can’t solve every problem in a Siemens IQ300 washing machine by performing a reset. Resets can resolve electronic glitches. But if the appliance has a defective hardware component, it requires a more hands-on solution. Some of the challenging issues these appliances will develop include:

1). Resetting Can’t Fix Broken Drain Pump

The washing machine can refuse to drain. Once this happens, you should check the drain hose and pump. Clothes generate lint that accumulates, blocking the filters and drains.

The objects people forget in their pockets will exacerbate the situation. Fortunately, you can fix the draining issue by removing the obstructions. You should also inspect the hose for kinks and bends.

The worst-case scenario is a broken drain pump because the appliance will leak.

2). Resetting Can’t Fix Jammed Door

Doors are complicated. First of all, a washer won’t start unless you close the door securely. Secondly, a malfunction can prevent the door from opening. Those same malfunctions won’t allow the door to close. Once this happens, you can’t run the washer until you resolve the problem.

Some technicians can fix jammed locking mechanisms within minutes. Others will encourage you to perform a reset to remove software glitches.

3). Child Lock

Many people ignore the child lock mechanism to their detriment. They leave their Siemens IQ300 washing machine at the mercy of their children. They don’t realize they can lock the controls to prevent their kids from tampering with the appliance.

This ignorance comes back to bite them when they accidentally initiate the child lock. Because they don’t even realize that the child lock mechanism exists, they won’t know why their appliance has stopped responding until a technician comes along and removes the child lock.

4). Resetting Can’t Fix Tripping

Does the circuit breaker trip every time you run the washing machine? Compare the machine’s wattage to the breaker size. If the breaker is undersized, it will trip to protect the circuit from overloading.

But if the circuit is large enough to accommodate the appliance, You can blame the incessant tripping on a faulty motor. You should also look for water leaks.

Keep an eye on the error codes. You don’t have to troubleshoot every problem you encounter. In many cases, the washer will identify the fault and alert you using the error codes.

For instance, E01 appears when you have a water level error. E18 is associated with filter and drainage hose clogging. E06 and 07 may appear in response to a sensor error.

Siemens wants to simplify the process of solving a washer’s problems, which is why their error codes are so comprehensive. You should check the manual before taking concrete action.

You can’t fix the appliance if you don’t know what the error codes mean. Siemens documentation will tell you what the error codes mean and the best solution for you to deploy.

But you can’t solve every problem without help. If you think a particular fault cannot be resolved without disassembling the appliance, call an expert.

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