What Do Bosch Dishwasher Model Numbers Mean? (Explained)

what do bosch dishwasher model numbers mean

Bosch has too many dishwashers on the market. Therefore, you’re not alone if you’ve tried and failed to understand the brand’s model numbers.

If you’re tempted to buy a Bosch dishwasher, your selection will most likely fall under one of the following series:

1). Ascenta

This is Bosch’s entry-level appliance. It is just as reliable as other Bosch series, at least where washing is concerned. The device only stumbles in the drying department. You can get one for $700 or less. You have 12 machines to choose from in this series.

2). 100 Series

100 series models have a lot in common with devices in the Ascenta series. Most of them offer only the smallest upgrades.

Although, you may find a few on the market with significant improvements, such as a third rack, quieter operations, fast cycle, and hidden controls. These ones have a ‘4’ in the model number and tend to outperform the Ascenta series.

3). 300 Series

This series comes with a third rack, recessed handles, a spacious stainless steel tub, a 1-hour wash, and dry cycle, etc. You have 30 dishwashers to choose from in this series. This line of appliances may cost you as much as $990.

Some models are 18 inches (Width). Others are 24 inches. If you’ve come across the DLX line during your research, it also falls within the 300 series.

4). 500 Series

The 500 series is impressive, boasting a third rack (expandable wings) that accommodates broader items, hidden controls, stainless steel finish, and ball bearings on the middle rack. Expect the same attributes you typically find in the 300 series and a price tag of $800 or less.

This time, you only have ten models to choose from, which should make your selection much easier.

5). 800 Series

The standard 800 series dishwasher includes pocket handles, stainless steel finish, WiFi connectivity, quiet operations (42 decibels), and a mechanism that dries plastic efficiently. Don’t forget the touch-sensitive control panel.

The premium version has a deep third rack that accommodates cereal bowls. It is also quieter (40 decibels). Many dishwashers in this line deliver attributes consumers associate with the 500 series. However, the machines in the 800 series are more silent.

6). Benchmark Series

The benchmark series has some of the best dishwashers Bosch has to offer. This is where you go if you want telescoping rack arms, recessed handles, superior protection from water leaks, and an LED screen.

You can also browse their Thermador offerings. Either way, you will begin your search for a dishwasher by identifying the series you want. If you don’t understand the model numbers, focus on the series.

Once you find a line of Bosch dishwashers that appeals to you, it won’t take long to narrow your options down to a suitable model. Focus on the attributes of each series before turning your attention to the individual models.

Where Is The Model Number on Bosch Dishwasher?

Check the upper right side after opening the dishwasher door. Look for a panel inside with a string of numbers and letters. This label will tell you everything you need to know.

Once you locate the label, write the information elsewhere. Many people use the manual. This backup will help you if the machine’s label fades and you need the serial number, but you forgot it.

How To Read Bosch Dishwasher Model Number?

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the model number. The information on your machine’s label will come in handy at some point. For instance:

1). Home Steady has highlighted the fact that consumers need the production date while filing an insurance claim. The machine’s production date is included in the serial number.

2). When Bosch recalls a product, they provide a list of all the affected appliances. You can’t determine whether or not your machine is included in that list without finding the serial and model number.

3). When your dishwasher develops a fault, you must submit the model number to your retailer to secure a suitable replacement. Some technicians will also ask for this information if you want them to help you over the phone or via email.

The model number allows them to troubleshoot the appliance remotely, saving both of you a lot of time and money, especially if the technician in question lives in a different state. 

Admittedly, finding the label with the model number is pointless if you don’t know what this information means. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • S – This letter (the first) appears on dishwashers. It proves that the device in question is a dishwasher. If the model number starts with B, you’re looking at a fridge. According to Reviewed (USA Today), H appears at the start of a microwave’s model number.
  • H – H (the second letter) appears on standard models (24 inches).
  • G – If G is the second letter, you have an ADA-compliant dishwasher, also 24 inches.
  • P – If you see P instead of H or G in the second slot, this is also an ADA-compliant model. But the size is 18 inches.
  • E (Third Letter) – External controls.
  • X (Third Letter) – Bar handle.
  • P (Third Letter) – Pocket handle.
  • V (Third Letter) – Panel ready.
  • The fourth slot has a number. This shows you the series. For instance, ‘8’ means 800 series, while ‘P’ stands for ‘Benchmark.’
  • You get the machine’s color from the eighth digit. For instance, ‘2’ means white, while ‘3’ is panel ready.

Consumer Reports have a comprehensive guide revealing the attributes of each series. But if the model number is all you can see, the information above will show you what to expect.

If you want to know the production date, go to the label and find the FD number. TAB TV has a picture showing a Bosch washing machine label. This picture shows the FD number, serial and E-NR number. The FD number is the easiest to interpret:

  • The FD number has the letters ‘FD.’ Focus on the first four digits
  • Get the first two numbers and add 20. If the answer exceeds 100, ignore the first digit. Home Mashal has given the example of a dishwasher with ‘9303’ as the first four digits in the FD number. Add 93 to 20 to get 113. Because this answer exceeds 100, ignore the ‘1’ and focus on the ‘13’. What does this mean? Bosch made the dishwasher in 2013.
  • What about the next two numbers? They reveal the month.

eHow has published a longer example of an FD number. In this case, the fifth and sixth numbers will show you the month of production. Therefore, a dishwasher with the number ‘FD85085564’ was made in August 2005.

The FD number matters to people that want to buy a used dishwasher. The Factory Date number will tell you the age of the appliance, which, in turn, can influence your willingness to buy the machine at the suggested price.

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