Shark Vacuum Keeps Shutting Off (5 Reasons Explained)

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Are shark vacuums as powerful and versatile as everyone claims? If that is true, why is yours always shutting down? If you need answers, this guide will give them to you.

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Keep Shutting Off?

1). Overheating

Overheating is the most common cause of frequent shutdowns in appliances. Like most appliances, vacuums get hot when you use them for too long.

But they are unlikely to overheat because they have a thermostat that responds to the temperature by cutting the power. Shark vacuums won’t overheat simply because you’ve used them for too long.

Something has gone wrong. More than likely, you have an obstruction somewhere. The clogging won’t allow the air to circulate. Or maybe the vacuum is working harder than usual. Either way, you should identify the factors causing the overheating before you restart the vacuum.

2). No Reliable Power Source

Are you sure the vacuum is connected to a reliable power source? Check the power cord. Is it still attached to the outlet? Maybe the plug fell out. Or perhaps the power keeps fluctuating because of loose connections in the outlet.

Inspect the power cord. Can you see any signs of wear and tear? The vacuum will continuously shut down until you secure a reliable power source.

3). Vacuum Suction Motor Gets Clogged

Vacuums have a component called a vacuum suction motor that gives the appliance suction by rotating the fan. If the vacuum suction motor gets clogged, it will overheat, leading to an unexpected shutdown.

Most homeowners are not new to overheating vacuum suction motors. Overheating will occur because the appliance sucked in an oversized item. Sometimes, it pulls smaller targets like hair that eventually gather to form a significant blockage.

4). Defective Battery

If you have a battery-powered shark vacuum, check the battery. The vacuum will shut down if you have a defective battery.

Some vacuums have LEDs that alert users when the battery is discharged, faulty, or at the end of its life.

5). Vacuum Used For Too Long

Some vacuums will shut down because you’ve used them for too long. But if that is the case, the manual will warn you ahead of time. They will tell you the duration the vacuum can run without rest.

If you exceed that duration, don’t be surprised if the appliance shuts down. You can harm the device by forcing it to continue running for longer than the manual suggests.

Does Resetting Fix The Shark Vacuum That keeps Shutting OFF?

Resetting will solve some issues. But it is not the solution to every problem. A reset can fix an electronic glitch. Shark vacuums have plenty of sophisticated features. Those features and mechanisms can cause malfunctions if a glitch occurs. A reset can eliminate those glitches. But you can’t fix hardware issues by resetting the vacuum. You need a more concrete solution.

How Do I Reset A Shark Vacuum?

Deprive the shark vacuum of power. This means shutting the device off and pulling the plug out of the outlet. Wait 30 or more minutes before restarting the appliance.

But again, you can’t expect a reset to solve hardware issues, especially when the hardware components in question are worn out.

If Resetting Doesn’t Solve It, How Do I Troubleshoot It?

Shark vacuums are not as dangerous as heavier household appliances. However, you shouldn’t tamper with them unless you know what you’re doing. It is much safer to consult a licensed technician.

But if you think the appliance has a minor fault, and you have the skill and patience to solve this problem on your own, you can try the following:

1). Vacuums rely heavily on filters to keep pollutants like dust away from sensitive components. Without a filter, the dust can easily choke the motor, causing overheating.

Check the manual to identify the location of the filters. If you can find the filters, take a moment to clean them. Use lukewarm water to remove blockages from particularly dirty filters.

But you can’t use the vacuum immediately after. Give the filters at least a day to dry. You don’t want to add a wet filter to the vacuum. Some filters are damaged, and you can’t fix them. Your only option is to get a replacement.

2). This sounds obvious, but it never occurs to homeowners. When was the last time you emptied the dust bucket? Shut the power off and retrieve the bucket. Take a moment to clean and dry it. If you don’t, the vacuum will overheat.

3). People neglect the hose all the time. They don’t realize that hoses are more prone to blockages than the majority of components in the vacuum. Fortunately, the hose is easy to access.

Use a light to check the component for clogging. Shine the line through one end and check whether you can see it from the other end. Better yet, throw a small object like a coin through one end and check to see whether it falls out of the other side.

Find a long broom and use the handle to remove the debris. A clogged hose can lead to overheating, which is an inconvenience. If the vacuum continues to work despite the clogging, you may do permanent damage.

4). The suction motor is harder to unclog than the hose, especially if it becomes tangled with hair and fur. Get a pair of gloves and get to work. Try to clean the suction motor regularly before it develops a severe blockage that requires hours to resolve.

5). Have you thought about replacing the hose? Serious blockages are not that difficult to identify. You can find them by running your fingers along the length of the hose while pressing it.

This kind of close inspection is essential because some blockages can harm the hose. If you can see breaks and tears, get a new hose. You can fix the old one, but you can’t trust the repairs to stand the test of time. A new hose will give you peace of mind.

6). Check the outlet for loose connections. A faulty outlet cannot provide a reliable stream of power to the vacuum. Connect the device to another outlet to see if it continues to shut down unexpectedly.

If you think the outlets are fine but the vacuum has continued to misbehave, inspect the power cord. A damaged cord can compromise the vacuum’s power supply.

If the power cord is damaged, ask a technician to replace it. A damaged power cord is a hazard. It may start a fire.

7). For how long has the shark vacuum been in use? Vacuums have motors, and you cannot run a motor indefinitely. Eventually, it will overheat, and the vacuum’s safety mechanisms will kick in to shut the power off.

The next time the appliance turns off, switch it on immediately. If it shuts down soon after, leave it alone for 10 or 20 minutes. If it starts and continues to work without interruption, you can assume that overheating was the problem.

Either the motor has a fault, or you used the appliance for too long. Consult the manual if you want clarification.

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