Red Key Light On Samsung Washing Machine (7 Reasons)

samsung washing machine red key lock symbol flashing

Some people panic when they see the red key light on a Samsung washing machine. But as this guide will soon show, panic isn’t always justified.

Red Key Light On Samsung Washing Machine Meaning

If the red key light is on, you can blame one or more of the following:

1). Locked Door

The door should be your first consideration. The key indicator illuminates when the door is locked. This is a good thing. You don’t want the door to remain open during a cycle. Water will make a mess by spilling out.

Don’t force the door open. The red key icon will only persist during a cycle. You don’t have to consult a technician unless it remains on even though the cycle has ended.

2). Clogging

According to this Samsung community forum, the washer will lock the door once it detects water inside. This prevents the water from pouring onto the floor. One potential culprit is a clogged hose, drain, or pump filter.

Washing machines unlock the door once the cycle is complete. You should only suspect clogging and leaks if the door refuses to open even after the cycle ends.

3). Child Lock

Some people think the red key light signifies an active child lock function. This is because the light disappears whenever they deactivate the child lock. However, the red key icon is specifically concerned with a locked Samsung washer door.

But the factors responsible for the locked door will vary. For instance, engaging the child lock mechanism can prevent the door from opening. This doesn’t mean the red key light is a child lock symbol. It simply shows that an active function has prevented the door from opening. The child lock feature has a separate icon.

It should be noted that the consequences of an active child lock function will vary depending on the model. In some washers, the child lock won’t prevent the door from opening. In others, the child lock will keep the door shut even when you perform a reset.

In other words, if you disconnect a washer with an active child lock before a cycle ends, the child lock won’t dissipate until you switch the appliance on and complete the cycle.

4). High Temperature

A Samsung machine will keep the door locked because of high temperatures. It wants to protect you from the contents of a hot drum. Expect the red key light to persist until conditions in the washer are safe.

This Samsung guide came to a similar conclusion. It doesn’t expect the door to open when the drum is hot. Don’t try to deactivate this feature. It exists to keep you safe.

5). Broken Latch

Sometimes, the door refuses to open because the latch is broken. Additionally, the door can become stuck. The red light will stick around until you fix the defective component. Doors are more complicated than people think.

They have electronic parts that create a secure seal. But they wear out over time. This is why regular maintenance is so essential.

6). Drain Problem

The door can remain closed even after the cycle ends because water is still draining out of the appliance. Naturally, the red light will persist if the drain clogs and the water fails to escape the washer.

7). Glitch

Glitches are challenging to diagnose because you must inspect the whole appliance. That means searching for loose connections, worn-out wires, faulty control boards, and more.

How To Get Rid Of Red Key On Samsung Washing Machine?

You can try one or more of the following solutions:

1). Is The Cycle Complete?

The door must remain closed during a cycle, so the presence of a red key light shouldn’t surprise you. Leave the washer alone until it completes the program.

But what if the cycle ended, but the door refused to open? Make sure the cycle is actually complete. That means inspecting the timer. If you still have doubts, cancel the cycle. If it was still engaged, canceling it should eliminate the red key light and open the door.

But you should expect some delays. The light won’t turn off immediately. The water must first drain.

2). Is The Child Lock Active?

Make sure you deactivate it. Hold the start button for five seconds. But don’t expect these instructions to apply to your model. Some washers have a child lock button. Others use a combination of buttons.

Open your manual and look for the child lock section. Identify the instructions that disengage this feature and use them. If the child lock feature on your machine prevents the door from opening, deactivating the function will eliminate the red key light.

3). Consult A Technician

Consult a technician about any potential repairs your washer may require. For instance, a broken door lock system can cause the red key light to illuminate. Therefore, you need an expert to diagnose and repair the broken door lock system.

That may involve replacing the entire door, depending on the severity of the problem. The control board is another component that requires a professional’s input.

Laypeople shouldn’t tamper with a washer’s internal parts. You may cause more harm in the process because you don’t know what you’re doing. You can’t rely on the manufacturer to compensate you in such situations because they tend to void the warranties of consumers that tamper with faulty washers.

Ask a technician to diagnose and replace the control board. This applies to loose connections and damaged wires and cables.

A contributor to this Samsung discussion noticed a key symbol on their machine. They later identified a faulty heating element as the source of the problem. Replacing the heating element eliminated the key light.

A layperson would never think to check the heating element. This shows you the vital role a technician plays. They can even identify and eliminate blockages.

4). Reset

Disconnect the washer from the wall outlet. Wait five minutes and reconnect it. This should eliminate any glitches the machine developed.

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