7 Reason Maytag Washer Keeps Pausing (Fixed)

maytag washer keeps pausing mid cycle, spin cycle and wash cycle

A Maytag washer that keeps pausing mid-cycle has a malfunction. One or more of the following is to blame:

1). The Door Lock Switch Is Dead

What happens when you start a cycle with the door open? Nothing. A Maytag washer cannot run unless you close the door. The lid lock mechanism is supposed to protect you from harm. It will also prevent unnecessary messes. This is why the lid stays shut until the cycle ends.

You can pause the cycle midway to open the door. What if someone bypasses the lid lock and opens the door during a cycle? The washer will display an error code and pause. Again, the objective is to protect you.

What if you locked the door, but the machine keeps pausing? The lock switch has gone bad. In other words, the machine thinks the lid is open even though it is closed.

2). The Drain Is Blocked

Do you see any error codes? You will see ‘F02’ and ‘SUDS’ with drainage error codes. In other words, the drainage system has one or more notable obstructions.

These error codes may not apply to your unit, which is why you should check the manual. Drainage issues are not easy to identify or resolve. Yes, you can check the drain in the machine. But that isn’t enough.

You need to access the drain pump and hoses, not to mention the vents carrying the dirty water out of the machine. You can flush some obstructions out of the unit with relative ease. Others require a firm hand.

But a firm approach can puncture the hoses. This doesn’t even account for the motor. A damaged motor can create drainage issues. Laypeople typically leave drainage errors to professionals because they have the skill, experience, and time to diagnose every aspect of the drain system, including the impeller.

3). The Power Supply Is Unreliable

Are you sure the machine has paused? Or maybe it stopped working altogether. A poor power supply can stop a Maytag washer’s operations mid-cycle. You have three primary concerns here:

  • The plug is loose in the outlet, or the plug is damaged. Plugs wear out over time. The prongs can become loose to the point where they can’t maintain a grip on the outlet.
  • The outlet is faulty. It has loose connections, corrosion, or a general defect. Outlets can wear out as they age.
  • The power cord is frayed.

4). The Control Board Is Dead

The control board runs everything in the Maytag washer. A defective control board will create glitches. The machine may refuse to start, or the cycle will start and stop repeatedly. You can’t predict the consequences the washer will manifest once the board fails.

Some people blame such issues on glitches, which makes sense. But a reset will banish glitches. Problems resulting from a bad control board will persist. Repair Clinic recommends testing the board’s power output terminals with a multimeter.

5). The Load Is Not Even

You can overload the washer by exceeding its weight capacity. The experts at Kelly’s dry cleaners expect a standard top-load machine to accommodate 12 pounds of laundry. Yours may accept more or less laundry depending on its dimensions.

Overloaded machines will make a grinding noise. This is also true for units with uneven loads. The machine will pause because it has failed to spin.

6). The Water Is Insufficient

Washing machines use more water than you realize. The National Park Service estimates an average of 41 gallons per load. This paper in the International Journal of Applied Engineering Research blames a washer’s considerable consumption on the fact that a cycle will keep running until the programmed duration elapses, even though your clothes were clean halfway.

Washers can pause because you have a leak somewhere, and the water is no longer enough. Similar problems will occur during the spinning cycle if the water has failed to drain completely. 

7). The Washer Is Old

People expect washers to last ten or more years. But this study in ‘Resources, Conservation, and Recycling’ has highlighted washers found in recycling centers in 2013 that stopped working after five years or even less.

Therefore, you shouldn’t take Maytag’s claims about its washers’ lifespans at face value. A washer at the end of its life will manifest concerning glitches, such as pausing for no reason.

How To Fix Maytag Washer That Keeps Pausing?

  • Replace a faulty control board.
  • Repair a damaged door lock. Replace the lock if it refuses to latch correctly.
  • Test the door lock switches for continuity with a multimeter and replace them if they fail.
  • Replace a damaged lid switch assembly. Again, you should test it for continuity beforehand. You don’t want to replace a switch assembly you could have salvaged.
  • Make sure the washer has a reliable water supply. This means opening the faucets, removing obstructions from the plumbing, unclogging water inlet valves, and replacing them if they incur irreparable damage.
  • Unclog a blocked drain. If you can’t see any obstructions in the drain pump, test it for continuity with a multimeter. If the pump is dead, get a new one. The hoses are tricky because you may damage them while removing obstructions. If the hoses have kinks, you should get new ones.
  • If the machine is clearly pausing as opposed to simply stopping mid-cycle, troubleshoot the timer. If it fails the continuity test, replace it. Do the same for the pressure switch.
  • If the drive belt is damaged, replace it.
  • If the Maytag washer is overloaded, remove some of the clothing articles. Make sure the remaining laundry is evenly distributed.
  • Replace damaged plugs, outlets, and power cords.
  • Find and tighten loose connections.
  • Perform a reset by unplugging the washer, waiting five minutes, and plugging it back in. wikiHow has also recommended opening and closing the door six times within twelve seconds.
  • Fix leaks.

Also, watch this video to fix your washer that is pausing at mid-cycle!

If the Maytag washer has exceeded the lifespan mentioned in the manual, buy a new one. Fixing it at that point is a waste of money.

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