Can You Bypass The Lid Lock On A Maytag Washer?

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The term ‘Lid Lock Technology’ is not an exaggeration. This is not a simple case of slipping a padlock through a hasp. Washing machines have a lid switch that typically transitions through the following steps:

  • You close the lid and start the cycle.
  • The lid switch locks the lid.
  • The lid switch alerts the control board that it has shut the lid.
  • The wash cycle ends, and the lid unlocks.

As you can see, that procedure requires a certain amount of intelligence. After all, the washing machine needs to know that the washing cycle has ended before it can permit you to open the door.

Consider this Google Patents document which details the workings of a washer’s lid lock. The patent mentions a magnetic lid closure sensor and flux directors that work with the hook in the lock mechanism to keep the lid shut.

Why do you think consumers keep asking whether or not they can bypass a Maytag washer’s lock lid? It isn’t a simple matter of forcing the lid open. Maytag knows many people are tempted to open the lid during a cycle.

They keep innovating new mechanisms that prevent consumers from bypassing the lid lock. This is why experts discourage consumers from bypassing the lid lock. Either you can’t bypass the lock, or doing so will damage the washer.

Why Maytag Doesn’t Want You To Bypass The Lid Lock

Maytag is not petty. The manufacturer is not out to make your life difficult for no reason. Their complex lid lock technology serves several functions:

1). Preventing Messes

Maytag washers have a drum that fills with water before spinning. What do you think happens when you leave the door open after starting a cycle? The washer will make a mess in your laundry room.

But what if you’re too smart to leave the washer door open? If you have children, they can open the lid during a cycle. This is especially true for front-loading units. A secure lid lock prevents this outcome by keeping the door closed until the cycle ends.

2). Protecting Children

Washing machines are dangerous to children. B.L. Warner, Brian D. Kenney, and M. Rice from PubMed have a study highlighting the many injuries children can sustain because of washing machines. For instance, they can fall from baby seats on top of the washer.

The biggest concern UL Standards and Engagement have observed is children that crawl into the washer. A lid lock prevents such outcomes. Don’t assume that adults are immune to such injuries.

What if a careless consumer tries to retrieve a clothing article from the washer during a cycle? What if their arm gets stuck?

3). Avoiding Liability

You can take a manufacturer to court if their appliance injures you. Doing everything in their power to prevent injuries protects these companies from any lawsuits you may file. Maytag is not at fault if you sustain injuries after bypassing the lid lock. This gives them the incentive to innovate more effective lid lock mechanisms.

How To Bypass The Lid Lock On Your Maytag Washer?

Bypassing a Maytag washing machine’s lid lock is difficult but not impossible. Try the following options:

1). Pause The Wash Cycle

  • Press ‘Cycle Signal’ on the control panel to deactivate the lock controls. The lock icon will disappear.
  • Press ‘Start/Pause’ to pause the wash cycle. ‘Pause’ has an indicator light that illuminates when you successfully halt the cycle.
  • Lift the lid and remove whatever you want.
  • Close the lid and press ‘Start/Pause.’ The cycle will resume.

This doesn’t necessarily bypass the lid lock. But it achieves the same result using Maytag’s tools. In other words, even if things go wrong, the company can’t accuse you of bypassing the lid lock.

2). Let The Washer Cool

  • Turn the Maytag washer off.
  • Pull the plug out of the wall outlet.
  • Wait ten minutes. If you have a washer with heat-activated lock mechanisms, the lid will open once the washer cools.

3). Use A Magnet

  • Turn the washer off and unplug it.
  • Shut the water supply off.
  • Use the manual to determine the lid lock’s location. It will vary depending on the model.
  • Remove the panel protecting the lick lock switch.
  • Find the spot where the switch and washer cabinet meet. Your target is the solenoid underneath. The solenoid is an electromagnet. Placing a magnet on that spot will open the lid lock because it makes the washer think an open lid is closed. You don’t need a special magnet. A fridge magnet is more than adequate for this task.
  • Put the panel back, reconnect the power and water supply, and start the washer. With the magnet in place, you can open the lid at any time, regardless of whether or not a cycle is running.

4). Cut The Wires

  • Use a nut driver to remove the lock switch assembly.
  • Pull the clips out before prying the cover off.
  • Use the tech sheet to find the ‘Lid Switch’ and ‘Lock Switch’ wires. Cut them with scissors. The lid can’t stay locked without those wires because they transmit the current it uses.
  • Strip the wires (2.5cm from the end), twist the ends together, and add a connector. Tuck the wires back in and reassemble the lid lock switch assembly.

Why You Shouldn’t Bypass The Maytag Washer Lid Lock

  • Some of these procedures can damage the machine. For instance, you may accidentally kill the power by cutting the wrong wires.
  • You are more likely to void your warranty by tampering with the lid lock assembly.
  • The lid lock mechanism is designed to protect you. Therefore, bypassing the assembly puts you in danger, especially if you have young, careless children.

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