Kenmore Microwave Reset (Step By Step Method)

how do i reset my kenmore microwave oven

Microwaves are not a laughing matter. Manufacturers have included all kinds of features to make them safer to operate. However, if your Kenmore microwave develops a fault, you can’t tamper with it. The internal components use too much power. The current will kill you. But can a reset solve common Kenmore microwave malfunctions? And if it can, how can you reset these devices? Do they have a button you can press? This guide will tell you.

Is There A Reset Button On A Kenmore Microwave?

Kenmore microwaves have buttons that can technically reset the appliance. However, if you want a button specifically labeled ‘Reset,’ you won’t find one.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. When was the last time you saw a reset button on an appliance? You may find these buttons on GFCIs, power strips, and extension cords, but you’ve never seen one on a freezer, washer, dryer, or any other device in your home.

This should tell you everything you need to know. Resets are necessary because every electronic device encounters glitches from time to time, and the easiest way to overcome these simple faults is to perform a reset.

Manufacturers know this, which is why their manuals mention reset procedures. However, they haven’t included a reset button because the available reset procedures are just as effective.

In that regard, you could argue that reset buttons are not necessary. Even if your microwave had one, you would probably ignore the feature because you prefer the hard reset option.

How Do You Reset A Kenmore Microwave?

The goal of a reset is to temporarily deprive the microwave of power. You can do that by pressing the Off/Clear button. This is a soft reset. You should hold it down for three seconds. People use this feature when they enter the wrong mode or cooking time.

Unfortunately, soft resets do not always work. Some malfunctions require a hard reset. For instance, what if the controls stop responding? What about the screen?

If your microwave uses a touchscreen, what do you do when it stops working? You can’t use the On/Off/Clear/Cancel button when the screen won’t let you. The only option is a hard reset.

Fortunately, hard resets are very easy.

  • Start by finding the plug. Countertop Kenmore microwaves use ordinary wall outlets. Pull the plug out of the outlet. This will shut the appliance off.
  • Wait a few minutes and plug the microwave back into the outlet. Turn the device on and observe its operations. Is it working as expected? Does it respond to commands?

If everything is working, you can move on. But if the Kenmore microwave is flashing error codes and displaying concerning signs, perform another hard reset.

Admittedly, hard rests won’t solve every problem. If an error persists, call a technician. It should be reiterated that microwaves are dangerous. Don’t disassemble these devices.

Even when you shut them off, microwaves can still kill you. Take the appliance to a professional. Better yet, if you have a warranty, use it to get a replacement microwave. Don’t take chances on a glitchy microwave.

When Do I Need To Reset A Kenmore Microwave?

Kenmore makes various microwaves. Some are small, and they can sit on your countertop. Others are built into the consumer’s kitchen and use enormous amounts of power. Regardless of the type, every Kenmore microwave is prone to errors and malfunctions that make resets a necessity, including:

1). Disrupt In Clock

A power failure can disrupt the digital clock in a Kenmore microwave. Once this happens, it isn’t enough to reset the microwave.

You must reset the clock using ‘Clock’ or ‘Time of Day.’ The time you enter depends on whether the microwave uses a 12-hour or 24-hour clock.

2). Microwave Not Working

A Kenmore microwave can stop working after a surge or blackout. Consumers do not necessarily respond to this situation by resetting the device.

Instead, they will check the power source. Is the plug firm in the outlet? What about the breaker? Did it trip? Can they reset it? Hunker encourages users to look at the fuse.

The appliance will stop working once the fuse blows. You need a technician to replace it. This is not the sort of task a layperson should perform. Don’t do anything that involves opening the Kenmore microwave.

The best you can do is to reset the microwave. If you’re lucky, the reset will fix the problem. If it doesn’t, you can call the technician.

3). LCD Display Not Working

People hate this problem because Kenmore microwaves are sophisticated tools that allow consumers to enter commands via the screen. Therefore, they can’t do anything once the LCD display stops working.

I want you to realize that Kenmore microwaves have a child lock feature that stops the LCD display from working. The objective is to prevent other people, especially children, from tampering with the controls.

But if you’ve tried and failed to disable the child lock, the only other option is to reset the appliance.

4). LCD Display Is Off

What if the LCD display is off? Start by checking the power source. Did you plug the device into an outlet? Is the outlet working? Have you tried another outlet? Can you trust the plug? Do you see tears and burn marks on the power cord?

Have you checked the breakers and fuses? If the microwave is connected to a power source, but the LCD display is blank, perform a hard reset. Although, you probably have a more significant issue than a reset can solve.

5). No Heat

People use microwaves to make food hot. What happens when they place a meal in a Kenmore microwave, and it comes out cold? Why would a microwave refuse to heat its contents?

You should start by confirming that the microwave has a fault. Insert a cup of cold water and give the microwave a minute. If the water is still cold after a minute, your microwave is definitely defective.

A reset is unlikely to fix this problem. The microwave has a defective component. You have no choice but to hire a technician. However, you can try performing a hard reset.

If you’re fortunate, the heating issue originated from a simple electronic glitch, and hard resets can eliminate electronic glitches.

6). Plate No Rotating

Microwaves have a plate that rotates the food. This plate can stop rotating because of a burned-out motor.  Defective motors are troublesome because you have to replace them, a task that requires a licensed technician.

However, a microwave plate can also fail to rotate because of a problem on the main control board. You can solve some control board faults by performing a reset.

7). Bulb Not Lighting

People tend to assume that a microwave has stopped working simply because the bulb is not lighting. But that is not always the case. The bulb is not tied to the microwave’s ability to heat your food.

Your meal can still come out warm even when the bulb is off. But that shouldn’t stop you from inspecting the socket for loose wiring and defective components.

You should also check the control board. A problem with the control board can affect the bulb’s operations. Even if you have the skill and experience to open the microwave because you want to access the control board, don’t take any drastic measures until you perform a hard reset. It may resolve the issue.

8). Microwave keeps Shutting Off

If the microwave keeps shutting off after running for a few seconds, I want you to check various components, including the main board, door switch, and high voltage transformer.

But this means opening the microwave, which you shouldn’t do. You should stick to reset the appliance. If the reset fails, call an expert.

What Happens After Resetting A Kenmore Microwave?

If the microwave refuses to work because of a glitch, it will start working after the reset. You will see ‘:’ on the screen. The appliance will ask you to set the time. You will make similar observations after a power outage because the microwave will undergo an automatic reset.

2 thoughts on “Kenmore Microwave Reset (Step By Step Method)

  1. My magnetron won’t stop running if you close the door. Open the door and it stops running. The microwave is a Kenmore Elite
    Model 790-8036. Does it need a new magnetron. It’s sitting in my basement on a folding table. We bought a different microwave, but would really like to fix this one.

    1. It seems like your Kenmore Elite microwave’s magnetron is continuously running when the door is closed, indicating a problem with the door interlock mechanism. Before considering replacing the magnetron, try checking the door for any misalignment or damage, cleaning the door seal, inspecting the door switches, and examining the interlock mechanism for any broken parts. A simple reset might also help. If none of these steps work, it’s possible the magnetron needs replacement, but given your situation and the availability of a new microwave, it might be more practical to stick with the new one. However, if you’re determined to fix it, contacting a professional repair service could provide a solution.

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