How To Set Temperature On Liebherr Refrigerator? (Explained)

how to set temperature on liebherr refrigerator

Some appliances use mechanical gear to adjust the temperature. Others rely on digital knobs. Either way, the procedure is the same. You change the temperature by turning the gear or knob upwards or downwards. Fortunately, Liebherr refrigerators are not particularly complex.

How To Set Temperature On Liebherr Refrigerator?

  • You will see on the buttons that adjust the temperature. One button has a triangle with the tip pointed upward. The other button is a triangle with the end pointed downward.
  • As you may have guessed, pressing the upward button increases the temperature while the downward button does the opposite. Pay attention to the temperature display while pressing the buttons.

It will show the temperature adjustments as you make them. You should also watch the ‘Power Failure/Frost Control’ display. It will warn you when the freezer temperature crosses an alarming threshold.

What Should A Liebherr Freezer Be Set At?

You should maintain the freezer temperature at -18 degrees C. 3 degrees C is sufficient for the other compartments.

The freezer compartment has the same temperature adjustment buttons mentioned above. Pressing the upward button raises the temperature. Pressing the downward button does the opposite. You can also switch the freezer off with the power button.

If the appliance is new, don’t add food to the freezer until the compartment reaches -18 degrees C. Additionally, you shouldn’t add hot food to the freezer. Doing so will raise the temperature, which you don’t want.

Give hot food a moment to cool down. Although, a new freezer can cool hot food without suffering any significant side effects. But this practice is discouraged because of the harm it can do to your appliance in the long run.

Liebherr Fridge Temperature Problems

Even though Liebherr is known for its reliability, the brand’s appliances are not immune to faults and malfunctions. If you encounter some of the following problems, the guide below will show you how to fix them:

Liebherr Fridge Icing Up – Why?

Ice tends to accumulate because of moisture, especially if you notice the frost on the walls and shelves. The family handyman expects this situation to occur when you leave the freezer door open for too long.

If you disagree with this assessment because you never leave the door open for longer than necessary, something else is allowing air to flow in and out of the compartment, probably a broken door seal.

Don’t downplay the consequences of frost. It can burn your food, ruining the taste in the process. It can also deliberate the freezer’s efficiency. Allowing the ice to expand unchecked will limit the amount of space in the compartment.

How To Fix It?

1). Don’t leave the door open longer than necessary. You should also limit the number of times you open the freezer door. The more frequently you open the door, the more air you introduce to the interior compartment.

The warm air increases the humidity, which, in turn, encourages frost buildup. Therefore, you should fight the urge to open the freezer door when you don’t have to.

2). An open door is not the only source of humidity in a freezer. The people behind Appliance World Online have observed ice buildup in freezers with hot food.

Commonsense will tell you to wait for hot food to cool down before you add it to a freezer. But many homeowners ignore common sense. Don’t allow your impatience to ruin your freezer. Wait for hot food to reach room temperature before you freeze it.

3). This goes without saying. Keep the temperature at the recommended level. Extreme temperatures will produce extreme results. When was the last time you checked the thermostat? Maybe the freezer has too much ice because you’ve exceeded the recommended temperature.

4). Check the door seal. The seal prevents air from flowing in and out of the freezer compartment. If the seal is worn out, get a replacement. Advanced defects such as faulty thermostats and defrost timers require the services of an expert.

5). Fill the freezer compartment with food to prevent the buildup of ice. However, don’t add so much food that it prevents the door from closing properly.

Some people think it is enough to defrost the fridge manually. But unless you find and resolve the factors that caused the frost to accumulate in the first place, the ice will build up again.

Liebherr Fridge Not Cold – Why?

1). You are supposed to fill the freezer with food to prevent the compartment from icing up. However, you shouldn’t crowd the compartment so much that it prohibits the circulation of air.

2). The people behind Espares have a suggestion many homeowners rarely consider. When was the last time you adjusted the temperature? You can’t expect the fridge to keep your food cold when you haven’t configured the temperature accordingly.

Some people change the temperature accidentally by shifting the knob while adding or removing food from the compartment.

3). Check the coils. The appliance cannot maintain the correct temperature when the condenser coils are dirty.

4). Some people forget to close the door securely. Others have fridges with damaged door seals. This component maintains an air-tight seal around the door. When it wears out, the door seal allows warm air to enter the internal compartment and cool air to escape.

5). What is the ambient temperature? A fridge will struggle to maintain sufficiently cool temperatures if the exterior environment is too warm. For instance, if you place the appliance next to an air conditioner or in a warm, suffocating garage.

How To Fix It?

1). The Spruce wants you to start by checking the power supply. Is the appliance connected to a wall outlet? Does the outlet work? Is the plug damaged? Some people think their Liebherr fridges have refused to cool when, in truth, the appliances are not even on.

2). Keep the fridge away from devices like ovens that generate heat. If you have an older model, it would also help if you kept the refrigerator out of direct sunlight. Give the appliance sufficient ventilation. This means maintaining a gap between the wall and the back and sides of the fridge.

3). Fix all the faulty and worn-out components, including the gaskets, thermostats, and condenser coils.

4). Keep the air vents clear. Don’t overstock the internal compartment.

5). Clean dirty condenser coils.

6). Set the recommended temperature.

Things To Consider Before Setting Temperature On Liebherr Refrigerator

1). This Manuals Plus guide shows that Liebherr refrigerators are designed to operate within specific ambient temperatures. They have also provided a list of the appropriate climate classifications. You should adhere strictly to these classifications to get the best out of your appliance.

2). Naturally, ambient temperature affects energy consumption. For instance, a refrigerator will use more energy to maintain cool conditions in the interior compartments during the hottest periods of the summer.

On the other hand, the appliance doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your food cool during the winter. You can adjust the temperature to meet the demands of the ambient temperature.

But overall, lower temperatures result in higher energy consumption. Keep this in mind as you adjust the temperature.

3). If your temperature knob has numbers, read the manual to determine the interpretation of the numbers. The key is to identify the numbers denoting the highest and lowest temperatures. This will show you how to raise and lower the temperature.

4). Pay attention to the ideal temperature recommended by the guide. The manufacturer designed the refrigerator to operate optimally and reliably at those recommended temperatures.

It isn’t enough to engage the coldest temperatures. In fact, the coldest temperatures are problematic because they cause ice to accumulate.

5). The freezer has audio alarms that alert you when the freezer compartment is not cold enough. This feature includes a flashing LED. But you can switch the alarm off if you’re satisfied with the temperature.

Although, you are better off identifying the factors that caused the warning and fixing them.

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