How Do I Reset My Miele Washing Machine? (3 Easy Steps!)

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Miele is not a household name. In fact, if you just bought your first Miele washing machine, you are probably struggling to find people you can consult about the workings of the appliance. Fortunately, these devices are not that complicated. And if you encounter an error with your Miele washer, you can just reset it. This function can solve most problems. But that raises a question.

Is There A Reset Button On A Miele Washing Machine?

There is no reset button on a Miele washing machine. In fact, most electronic devices do not feature reset buttons.

How To Reset My Miele Washing Machine?

  • Unplug the appliance.
  • Turn the washer off and pull the plug out of the outlet.
  • Wait a few seconds or minutes before pushing the plug back into the outlet. Start the washer. This is all it takes to reset the device. The objective of a reset is to deprive the washer of power.

This will solve most glitches. If you have an error code and have fixed the underlying problem, but the error code has persisted, reset the machine. This is the one step many laypeople ignore because they don’t realize how effective it can be.

If your washing machine is hard-wired, you can still reset it by de-energizing the circuit. Find the electrical panel and flip the main breaker to the off position. This will turn all the power in the house off, which is an inconvenience.

You are better off finding the breaker that controls the washer’s circuit and turning it off. But if your breakers are not labeled, and you can’t identify the circuit that powers the washing machine, you should use the main breaker.

When Do I Need To Reset Miele Washing Machine?

People reset washing machines because things have gone wrong, and they need a simple but elegant solution that can deliver results. These are just a few of the malfunctions and errors you will encounter:

1). Has your washing machine refused to drain? This can occur because the washer has a blockage. You should look for clothing items and other forms of debris in the drain hose.

If you’ve unblocked the hose, but the machine still refuses to drain, turn your attention to the drain pump. Drain pumps break all the time. But if fixing the drain pump has not produced the results you expected, the people behind appliances online want you to reset the washer by turning it off, waiting a few minutes, and starting it again.

2). Has the door refused to lock? The washing machine may refuse to run until the door locks properly. Some washer doors will refuse to open. You need a technician to look at the locking mechanism.

A draining issue can prevent the door from opening. Or maybe debris is blocking the door. Either way, don’t consult a professional until you reset the machine.

A simple reset may eliminate the electronic glitch preventing the door from locking or opening.

3). Is the washing machine tripping the breaker? This should frighten you because it typically originates from overheating motors, loose connections, water leaks, and the like.

You should also look for signs of overloading. But again, before you panic, you should think about resetting the machine.

4). You have identified an error code (F1/F2) that appears because of a short-circuited NTS sensor. They encourage consumers to resolve the issue by resetting the washing machine.

5). Another notable error code is F52 which appears when the heating pressure switch resets. You can resolve the issue by using the appropriate quantity of detergent. Although, if the problem persists, you can blame the fault on a defective heat pressure switch.

You can try resetting the washing machine. But if the F52 error code lingers, ask a technician to replace the heat pressure switch.

It is worth noting that resetting procedures have their limits. Miele washing machines are just as complex as every other washer. If you look at the guide Miele published, you can see that installation takes quite a bit of time and effort.

Therefore, don’t assume you can resolve every problem by resetting the appliance. Resetting is the first resort. You can try it a few more times if it doesn’t work.

But if the malfunctions and error codes have persisted, don’t hesitate to call a professional. If the reset procedures have eliminated the problem, but it keeps resurfacing, you should also consult a technician.

Clearly, the washing machine has a serious fault. The longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes. Electronic devices are no different from human beings. You can fix many of the defects they develop if you identify them early enough.

What Happens After Resetting Miele Washing Machine?

If the display was flashing an error code, it will disappear once you reset the washing machine. You reset Miele washers by unplugging them from a power source, waiting a few minutes, and then reconnecting them to the circuit.

Therefore, the machine will work as expected if the reset does its job successfully. But if the reset fails, the malfunction will persist.

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