Hoover Tumble Dryer Reset (Step By Step Method) Easy Ways

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Hoover tumble dryers are everywhere. Hoover is extremely popular among consumers. They love the brand’s reliability and efficiency. You would be hard-pressed to find a more dependable tumble dryer. However, these devices are not indestructible. Even if you have the patience to routinely maintain them, the dryers will eventually fail. Fortunately, many of the malfunctions they encounter are not that serious.

Every electronic item will glitch on occasion. You cannot prevent this outcome. But again, some of these glitches and malfunctions are not serious, and you can resolve them via a simple reset.

Is There A Reset Button ON A Hoover Tumble Dryer?

Hoover Tumble Dryer does not have a reset button. You can still reset the dryer if you want.

How Do You Reset A Hoover Tumble Dryer?

Method 1:

  • Turn your control dial twice in a clockwise direction
  • Press and hold the button closest to the control knob within 3 seconds.
  • The display will light up and press the start/pause button. This will reset the machine.

Method 2:

  • Find the power cord and pull the plug out of the outlet.
  • Wait ten or more minutes before pushing the plug back into the outlet.

Turn the dryer on and see what happens. Is it working? Have the glitches disappeared? If they’ve persisted, repeat the process. All you need to do to reset the appliance is to deprive it of power.

What if you hard-wired the tumble dryer? Find the circuit breaker and shut the power off. You can use the main breaker to turn off the power in the whole house or limit your actions to the breaker that controls the dryer’s circuit.

Either way, turning the power off, waiting a few minutes, and turning it back on will reset the tumble dryer. This kind of hard reset will eliminate most glitches and errors.

But what if it doesn’t work? What if the appliance continues to misbehave? Some people will encourage you to disassemble the device. But that is too dangerous.

Many consumers will forget to shut the appliance off. Others may break sensitive components. Even if you fix the problem, don’t be surprised if you can’t remember how to put the tumble dryer back together.

Leave this work to a professional. Call a local technician and ask them to troubleshoot the machine.

When Do I Need To Reset A Hoover Tumble Dryer?

If you’re trying to reset your Hoover tumble dryer, something has gone wrong. But what would force you to take such a step? One of the following is probably to blame:

1). Overheating

Is your tumble dryer overheating? These devices have thermal fuses that blow when they overheat. The thermal fuse prevents high temperatures from harming the dryer’s sensitive components.

But if the thermal fuse has a fault, the tumble dryer may continue to overheat. You can resolve this issue by replacing the thermal fuse. But what if this solution fails? The appliance may require a reset.

2). Noise

Dryers are not silent. However, if they are noisier than usual, you should look for defective bearings and worn-out felt pads. You can also check the pulleys and drum rollers.

But before you go through the trouble of disassembling the dryer, you should take a moment to reset it. A reset may fix the issue.

3). Fails To Dry

Tumble dryers are supposed to dry their contents. As such, homeowners will panic when this appliance fails to perform the task for which they bought it. You can look for blocked condenser chambers and dirty filers.

But before you concern yourself with those complex tasks, you should start by resetting the tumble dryer. The appliance may refuse to dry because of a simple glitch.

4). Condenser Tank Is Full

If the condenser tank is full, the appliance will warn you by flashing an error message. You should respond to the message by emptying the tank. But what if the problem persists even after emptying the tank?

Before consulting an expert, take a moment to reset the tumble dryer by temporarily depriving it of power.

5). Faulty Program Selector

You respond by faulty program selectors by deactivating the appliance, waiting a few minutes, and then switching the dryer on again. But a reset may not work. If your program selector is still misbehaving, you should call a technician.

6). Cycle Not Starting

If a cycle won’t start, you have various factors to investigate. If you’ve already emptied the tank, look at the temperature sensors. They will shut the dryer off if the temperature is too low.

You can try raising the temperature with a hairdryer. But if warming the sensor is not working, reset the appliance. This assumes that you checked the power source. Don’t obsess over the sensors when you haven’t looked at the outlets and breakers. Is the dryer even connected to a power source?

7). Lights Start Flashing

Consumers cannot help but panic when all the lights on the dryer start flashing. An appliance’s LEDs are communication tools. They reveal the state of the dryer.

If a malfunction occurs, the dryer may repeatedly flash to warn you that things have gone wrong. However, that flashing can also signify an electronic glitch. For all you know, nothing is wrong.

You can confirm your suspicions by resetting the appliance. If the flashing lights disappear, you can stop worrying.

What Happens After Resetting Hoover Tumble Dryer?

Consumers reset tumble dryers because something has gone wrong. The appliance is misbehaving or flashing error codes and warning signs. When you reset it, those malfunctions and error codes will go away.

If they don’t, you can assume that the appliance has more significant problems. You should respond by calling a technician.

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