Cost To Replace 5 Brands Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor

how much does it cost to replace a refrigerator evaporator fan motor

A refrigerator has evaporator coils that turn refrigerant into a gas, which is why they are so cold. The fan takes that cold air and circulates it through the appliance to preserve your food. A broken motor is a problem because it interferes with the work of the evaporator fan.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor?

Refrigerator evaporator fan motor replacement cost

BrandReplacement Cost
Frigidaire$247 ($59 – $130 for a new motor)
GE$264 ($40 – $144 for a new motor)
Samsung$230 ($20 – $110 for a new motor)
Whirlpool$388 ($58 – 268 for a new motor)
Kenmore$234 ($114 for a new motor)

The figures above assume that your technician charges an average of $120 an hour in labor fees. But your expert’s charges could be higher or lower depending on their experience and your location.

The cost of a new motor will also vary widely depending on various factors, including the brand and quality of the part. For instance, you can use a motor from a third-party manufacturer that costs as little as $20. Or you can spend $225 on this genuine whirlpool refrigerator evaporator fan motor (WP2315549).

The accessories included will influence the cost. Consider the prices Whirpool has listed on their Shop-For-Parts website. Some of their offerings consist of a fan motor and nothing else. Others include brackets and even a fan blade.

This list of Kenmore evaporator motor fans has similar offerings. Some of their products include a wire harness and connectors.

Make sure you know what you’re buying. Don’t waste money on an expensive repair/replacement kit when all you need is a single motor. On the other hand, it is easier to buy a comprehensive kit with a motor, harness, brackets, and connectors than to acquire all those different parts individually.

Factors That Influence The Cost

1). Diagnosis

What makes you think the evaporator fan motor is defective? Has the refrigerator stopped cooling? The evaporator fan motor is not the only potential culprit. Before blaming the evaporator fan and its motor, you should troubleshoot the compressor, thermostat, coils, door seals, control board, and more.

But the layperson cannot perform these tasks because they don’t have the skill or experience, and refrigerators are too dangerous. Therefore, when you hire a contractor, they may charge you a diagnostic fee because you don’t know why your refrigerator has stopped working.

They must identify the evaporator fan motor as the source of your problems before they fix it, a service that may cost as much as $100. Some companies don’t include the diagnostic fee in their invoice if you hire them to fix the problem.

Keep in mind that diagnosis and repair are two different jobs. You can hire an expert to find the problem because you want to fix it yourself. In that regard, you will only pay the $100 diagnostic fee.

2). Materials

The only significant part you must pay for is the evaporator fan motor. The technician will bring his own tools. Evaporator fan motors are surprisingly affordable despite the vital role they play in a fridge’s operations. You can get one for $60 or less.

3). Labor

labor is the most expensive aspect. Technicians charge an average of $120 an hour. Therefore, the longer the job takes, the more money you will pay. Some companies have a one-time service fee of $200 or less.

But individual technicians rarely charge service fees, which is why some laypeople use them instead of a repair firm. However, a technician may ask for more money to perform additional maintenance on the entire fridge. On the other hand, a company is more likely to perform maintenance for free.

The cheapest option is to do away with technicians and repair firms altogether. If you repair or replace the evaporator fan yourself, the process will cost you the $60 you will spend on a new part or nothing at all if you can fix it.

However, I discourage you from tampering with these devices because replacing the motor poorly or failing to fix it may harm the appliance in the long run.

When Do I Know The Fan Motor Needs To Be Replaced?

The freezer starts defrosting once the fan motor stops working. The temperature will rise. You will notice that the internal compartments are not quite as cold as they should be when you open the door.

You can confirm your suspicions by checking other potential culprits, such as the power source, freezer door switch, and compressor. Once you identify the motor as the definitive cause, your technician will determine whether it requires fixing or replacement.

Replacement will put most laypeople at ease. But you can fix it if you don’t have the money for a new part.

Do I Need To Replace Evaporator Fan Motor Or Can I Fix It?

Do you hear a high-pitched sound that starts and stops? The evaporator fan has a blockage. If ice accumulates on the blades, the fan will stop working.

You can solve this problem by thawing the fan. But if you delay, the motor may burn out because of the strain. Although, burnout can also occur because of a power surge or short circuit.

How Long Does An Evaporator Fan Motor Last?

In an ideal situation, the motor can last as long as the refrigerator. That means 10 to 15 years, depending on how you treat the fridge. Components like the motor last longer in a well-maintained fridge.

On the other hand, allowing ice to accumulate on the fan blades or permitting debris to clog the system forces the motor to work harder, which can accelerate wear and tear. The consequences of a defective motor will vary.

In some cases, the appliance will stop cooling. In others, the freezer will remain cold while the temperatures in the other compartments rise.

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