Are Front Load Washer (GE, LG, Electrolux) Doors Reversible?

do GE, samsung, lg, electrolux, maytag, whirlpool, kenmore front load washers have reversible doors

If you want a washer with a reversible door, this guide will show you where to look. It will also tell you what to do with a washer door on the wrong side.

Do Front Load Washers Have Reversible Doors?

Yes, they do. The term ‘Reversible Door’ may sound nonsensical if you’ve never heard it. Look at your front load washer. Have you noticed that the door opens on the left side? You can expect a swing of 150 to 160 degrees.

When you close it, the door swings to the right. Doors don’t reverse naturally. You can only open them in one direction. The term ‘Reversible Door’ refers to a situation where the manufacturer gives you the option of switching the door from a hinge on the left to a hinge on the right.

In other words, you cannot choose to swing the door open to the left this minute and then to the right the next minute. You must physically detach it from one hinge before reconnecting it to the other.

But that is only possible when the manufacturer includes a second hinge on the right. If you have a manual, it will tell you whether or not the door can be reversed. If the door is reversible, the manual will show you how to reverse it.

Don’t expect every manufacturer to provide these options. The availability of this feature depends on the brand. For instance:

  • GE

The brand’s front-load washers do not include reversible doors. The biggest obstacle is the electronics that work in the door lock mechanism.

But what about the many washer and dryer reviewers and experts who associate GE washers with reversible doors? Those individuals are not wrong. They merely forget to clarify that many GE washer/dryer models include a dryer with a reversible door. In other words, you can reverse the dryer’s door, not the washer’s door.

  • Samsung

Reversing a Samsung washer’s doors is out of the question because of the smart door lock system they use.

Samsung clarified by pointing out that a Samsung dryer’s door is reversible. Therefore, if you have a Samsung washer and dryer unit, and their doors keep knocking against one another, you can change the dryer’s door.

  • LG

Modern LG washers have sophisticated door locks with sensing systems and connections. Even if you could move the door from left to right, those connections and systems cannot migrate. Therefore, unless you have a rare model that permits this practice, you cannot reverse an LG washer’s doors.

If you want to reverse the door on an LG appliance, the dryer is your only option, or older models that don’t feature sophisticated controls in the door. As you can see, this LG guide shows you how to reverse an LG dryer’s door, but it doesn’t say anything about the washer.

  • Electrolux

This Electrolux support page clearly states that consumers cannot reverse a washing machine’s doors because you cannot move the electronic parts in the door from one side to the other.

But many people claim that some high-end Electrolux washers have reversible doors. This Electrolux front load washer manual proves as much. It details the steps you can follow to reverse the swing of your Electrolux washer. 

Therefore, you can reverse Electrolux doors if you select the right washer. Consult the manufacturer beforehand. Ask them to recommend a washer with reversible doors.

  • Maytag

Yes, you can reverse the doors of some Maytag washers. One example is the Maytag 4.8 Cu. Ft. stackable Washer.

  • Whirlpool

Unless you have a rare model whose manual says otherwise, you can’t reverse a whirlpool washer’s doors. This option is only available for whirlpool dryers.

  • Kenmore

You can’t reverse a Kenmore washer’s door. You can only reverse the dryer’s door.

Can Front Load Washer Door Be Reversed?

Yes, you can reverse the doors on some front-load washers. The process is fairly straightforward. It involves the following:

  • Get a screwdriver and remove the screws attaching the door to the hinge on the left. Keep the screws close by. You need them to affix the door to the other hinge.
  • Keep removing the screws until you’ve detached the door latch and the door. The process may vary depending on the washer. Some latches and hinges are complex units boasting a variety of components that must be detached before you proceed. Ask someone to support the door while you remove the screws.
  • Move the door to the other side. Once again, ask someone to hold the door in place while you insert the hinge and the various screws.
  • Test the screws. Make sure the door is secure before you leave. Check your work by opening and closing the door a few times. Make sure the washer can still work. If the washer refuses to run, you made a mistake during installation.

It is worth noting that most front-load washers have doors on the left, and they don’t move. You can’t reverse them because they only have one door catch, and it wouldn’t make sense for the manufacturer to include a second door catch.

You can’t reverse a door on a washer with only one door catch. Therefore, you should consider the door’s location before buying a washer. Do your research. Buy a washer with a door on the right or a model with a reversible door. Some brands don’t make washers with reversible doors.

Why Do You Need To Reverse A Front Load Washer Door?

  • For some people, it is a question of convenience. They prefer opening doors to the right instead of the left.
  • Some doors get in the way because of the washer’s placement. For instance, if the washer and dryer sit side by side, the doors may bang against one another. Moving one of the doors solves this problem.
  • If the washer is in a position where the door bangs against an object, such as a wall, whenever it swings open, you should consider moving the door to the other side.
  • If the door cannot open wide enough for you to get the load out because of obstacles, reversing the door will fix this issue.

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