Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flashing Red/Orange/Yellow/Green Lights

nescafe dolce gusto flashing red, orange, amber, green, yellow lights meaning

Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines are incredibly efficient. They can deliver 15 bar pump pressure. You have plenty of reasons to trust your Dolce Gusto machine. But you will question that trust the moment your device starts flashing.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flashing Light – Why?

People usually associate flashing lights with descaling.

Coffee machines like Dolce Gusto are convenient. However, they have their disadvantages. For instance, the water they use deposits minerals in the device that can debilitate the machine’s functions when they accumulate.

If your coffee machine cannot attain the correct temperature, or if you hate the taste of your coffee, the device requires descaling. The buildup in some coffee machines is so severe that they cannot pump water.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for these symptoms to manifest to take action. Dolce Gusto coffee maker flash orange or yellow. Some manuals call it amber. It means the same thing. This alert concerns people, but it is actually good because it lets you know when your coffee maker requires descaling.

If you have never seen a flashing amber, yellow, or orange light, you are probably one of those rare homeowners that descale their devices every four months.

You cannot predict the rate at which the minerals will build up. Some people have to descale their coffee machines more frequently than others. The type of water will make all the difference in the world.

Some water sources have a higher mineral count than others. For instance, if your region has harder water than usual, scaling will present a severe challenge for you. You can use Borax and baking soda to descale your coffee maker

But again, the flashing lights are a good thing because they remind absent-minded homeowners to descale their coffee makers. If descaling isn’t an issue, you can blame the lights you see on the following:

1). Power ON

Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee maker illuminates the power button when you turn it on. This should discourage you from responding to every light you see with panic. Some lights are entirely harmless.

You want to see the power button illuminated green because it shows that everything is working as expected. Admittedly, there’s a difference between a solid green color and a flashing green color.

However, flashing green colors are just as harmless. You will observe the blinking light when you operate the coffee maker. Again, it simply shows that the device is running as expected.

This flashing should only concern you if the manual doesn’t say anything about it. Most manuals will warn you if they expect the coffee maker to blink when you use it

If the manual has only spoken of solid green light, you should take steps to troubleshoot the flashing green light.

2). Descaling Mode

Many consumers expect this coffee maker to illuminate the orange light when it wants you to perform the descaling procedures outlined in the manual. They don’t realize that some models have a descaling mode.

When you activate that descaling mode, the orange light will blink. This happens when you press and hold the power button down for five or more seconds. The blinking will continue until the descaling process finishes.

3). Water Has Reached The Appropriate Temperature

Red is the most concerning light on a Dolce Gusto machine and for a good reason. People always associate a red light with trouble. But here, the red light will only flash to let you know that the water has not reached the appropriate temperature.

Again, the flashing light is good because it prevents consumers from tampering with the coffee maker before it is ready. When the device is ready, it will let you know.

4). Malfunction

The lights on a Dolce Gusto machine may flash because it detected an error. For instance, if you have a damaged sensor, the device will flash to let you know that something is wrong.

If the machine is defective, the lights will continue flashing until you solve the problem.

You should learn to rely on the flashing lights instead of looking at them as the enemy. The manufacturer included these indicators to help you identify problems with your coffee maker.

These devices cannot speak. They use flashing lights to warn you when things go wrong.

Nescafe Dolce Flashing Different Lights Meaning and Troubleshooting Tips

As you know, flashing lights are supposed to help you troubleshoot a malfunctioning Dolce Gusto machine. But these indicators cannot help you unless you know what they mean. Use the guide below to get a better understanding of the blinking lights you will see:

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Blinking Red Light Meaning

The machine is heating the water. The red light doesn’t last long. It will flash for a few seconds whenever you make a cup of coffee because it has to raise the temperature once more.

Some people panic when the red light blinks for longer than expected. But before you call a technician, ask yourself one crucial question: how many cups of coffee have you made?

After using it for a while, the machine will demand a small break. But eventually, it will heat the water, and the light will turn green to let you know that you can start making more coffee.

This is not the kind of problem you fix. The red light is supposed to flash after you make a cup of coffee because the machine has to raise the temperature of the water.

The flashing light forces you to stay away until the water is hot enough.

You should only take action if the Dolce Gusto coffee maker has been flashing for several minutes.

In that regard, you can ask a technician to inspect the device. The red light on the machine kept blinking because of a problem with a magnet on the capsule holder tray. Something had dislodged the magnet, and the coffee maker wouldn’t work until the item was replaced.

But you can’t expect the layperson to identify this problem.

They are better off consulting a technician. An experienced technician can inspect the PC board to determine whether or not it has failed.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flashing Orange – Why?

The orange light illuminates when the machine wants you to perform the descaling procedures. If you allow the minerals in the device to accumulate, they will debilitate the coffee maker’s functions.

Don’t be surprised if the minerals taint your coffee’s taste. Some people will descale their machines ahead of time. Others won’t even realize that the coffee maker requires descaling until it warns them.

How To Fix It?

You respond to a flashing orange light by descaling the machine. It is worth noting that holding the power button down for several seconds will also cause a flashing orange light.

But this is good because it shows that the consumer has activated descale mode. At this point, you can initiate the descaling process by shifting the lever to ‘hot.’ The orange light will continue to blink.

Turn the lever to ‘Stop’ after 45 seconds before making the switch to ‘Cold.’ Again, wait 45 seconds and move the lever back to ‘Stop.’

Give the machine a moment (two minutes). The final step involves emptying the container, adding some more water, and rinsing it out. You can use whatever descaling process suits you.

Some people appreciate the efficiency of white vinegar. But you don’t want to expose your machine to this substance. The acetic acid can do some serious damage to the metallic components.

If you don’t want to create leaks, stick with the descaling mode the Dolce Gusto coffee maker offers.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flashing Green Light – Why?

The green light will illuminate when the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine is working as expected. The green light will flash when you start using the device. But again, this is a good sign.

A flashing green light shows that the machine is functioning appropriately. Basically, green is always a good thing. Although, this light will also blink during the descaling process.

As you navigate descaling mode, the lights will alternate from orange to green until you finish this process. You don’t have to fix it. The green light will disappear once you exit descaling mode.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flashing Red and Green – Why?

You don’t have water in the machine. The coffee maker is trying to let you know you have a problem. It will continue to alternate between these lights until you solve the problem.

How To Fix It?

Do you have water in the machine? If you don’t, add some. If you have water, look for a blockage in the capsule. You can try descaling the device. A mineral buildup can create blockages.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flashing Yellow/Amber – Why?

Blinking yellow light shows that you need to descale the coffee maker. Some people call this light orange. Others prefer amber. But it’s all the same.

How To Fix It?

If you hold the power button down for five seconds or more, it will cause the yellow light to flash. But this is a good thing because it activated the descaling mode.

If you’re determined to eliminate the yellow indicator, it will disappear once you finish descaling the machine.

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