7 Reasons Maytag Washer Keeps Beeping (Fixed)

maytag washer keeps beeping

Like many people, you might be tempted to ignore a beeping Maytag washer. That is a mistake. According to this Maytag guide, their machines will beep to let consumers know that something has gone wrong. But is that true? What things can go wrong in a Maytag washer to cause beeping? The following may explain this phenomenon:

1). The Door Is Open

Washers cannot run when the door is open. Why? Because washing machines are dangerous. The last thing you want is for a child to stick their arm inside a spinning drum. Maytag washers have reliable locking mechanisms that won’t open until the cycle ends.

Unfortunately, many people tamper with these mechanisms, bypassing them and forcing the lid to open during an active cycle. The machine will respond with an error code warning you that the door is open.

If you closed the door, but the beeping persisted, maybe you failed to shut it securely. Give it a firm nudge. If the noise continues, you can blame a defective lid lock assembly. The locking mechanism communicates with the control board, letting the machine know the door is closed.

A defective mechanism will send erroneous information to the control board. The machine will beep because it thinks a closed door is open.

2). You Failed To Program The Washer

Have you followed Maytag’s instructions? Pairing a cycle with the wrong function can compel the machine to alert you about your mistake by beeping. For instance, applying hot water to a delicate cycle is not a good idea, and the machine will beep if you select this option.

3). The Drain Is Blocked

Maytag washers use error codes and beeping to warn users about clogged drains. Drains can clog because you leave foreign objects in your laundry’s pockets, and they accumulate in the drain.

Fortunately, you can avoid this outcome by checking your pockets carefully. Lint is an entirely different matter. You can’t avoid it. It is also more dangerous than many homeowners realize. Consider this article from Innovation in Textiles investigating a procedure from the Kaunas University of Technology and the Lithuanian Energy Institute to turn washing machine lint into energy.

If the method works, they expect it to produce a whopping 14 million tons of oil. This should give you an idea of the massive volumes of lint clothes generate annually.

There’s a reason why you have studies like this one from Frontiers in Marine Science aiming to innovate more robust washing machine filters capable of reducing microfiber emissions from washing machines. Lint is a threat to the environment because washing machines produce so much of it.

And then drains send all that lint into local water bodies. If the lint accumulates before escaping the washer, it will clog the drainage.

4). The Load Is Unbalanced

Either you added too many clothes to the Maytag washer or distributed the laundry unevenly. An unbalanced drum cannot spin smoothly. Don’t be surprised if your clothes are never as clean as expected.

Once the load compromises the drum’s ability to rotate, the washer can’t perform its functions optimally. The machine will beep to warn you. Sometimes, you create an imbalance by placing the machine on an uneven surface. Or one of the unit’s legs broke.

5). The Machine Has A Glitch

Maytag washers have sophisticated functions, which is why they rely on control boards. Unfortunately, this makes them vulnerable to software errors. For instance, the timer can fail, or the display can flash nonsensical error codes.

According to ready-to-DIY, a washer cannot start the next cycle once the timer fails. It will beep to let you know that things have gone wrong.

6). The Machine Doesn’t Have Water

Maytag washers need water to do their work. If you start the cycle after shutting the water supply off, the machine will beep to alert you of your error. What if you opened the faucets, but the device has no water?

Either the water pipes are blocked, or the machine has a leak. Water is escaping the drum from somewhere. Ultimately, the device won’t run until you fix this issue.

7). A Surge Has Struck The Washer

A power surge can disrupt the washer’s functions, generating errors that lead to beeping. Surges have a reputation for destroying control boards.

How To Fix Maytag Washer That Keeps Beeping?

  • Start with the control board. Test it for continuity with a multimeter. If the control board is dead, get a replacement.
  • If a power surge strikes the machine, reset it. This means unplugging the Maytag washer, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in. You can try a soft reboot, which involves holding the start button for several seconds. But a hard reset is more effective. Check your manual to identify the correct reset procedure for your model.
  • Inspect the wiring for loose connections and corrosion. Loose connections and corrosion can cause arcing and start fires. Don’t ignore them. Replace damaged wires and tighten any loose connections you come across.
  • Close the lid. Make sure the door is locked.
  • Test the lid switch and replace it where necessary. You should consider hiring a technician. They will determine the severity of the damage and whether you need to replace the lid lock assembly, switch, or the entire door.
  • If the unit is overloaded, reduce the load. Re-arrange the remnants. Make sure they are distributed evenly. Use the manual to identify the correct quantity of laundry to add to the machine. Don’t exceed the model’s capacity.
  • Make sure the machine is standing on a stable surface. Adjust the machine’s legs where possible. You can also place a wedge of sorts under the shorter leg to balance the machine.
  • Remove obstructions. Start with the drain. If you can’t see anything, move on to the hoses, drain pump, and motor. A new pump may cost you anywhere between $600 and $2,000 depending on the model. Therefore, you should try unclogging the pump and possibly even fixing it before attempting to replace it.
  • Make sure the faucets are fully open.
  • Clean clogged inlet valves and replace the damaged ones.

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