How To Set Temperature On Bosch Fridge Freezer? (Explained)

how to set temperature on bosch fridge freezer

A Bosch Refrigerator will preserve your food, but only if you set the right temperature.

How Do I Set The Temperature On My Bosch Fridge Freezer?

  • Press the lock button for a few seconds. You will hear 4 beeps.
  • Select the fridge button. Use the plus and minus buttons to select the temperature.
  • You can follow the same procedure to adjust the conditions in the freezer compartment.
  • Use the freezer button to select the freezer section. Again, raise or lower the temperature using the plus and minus buttons.
  • After setting up the temperature, click on the Lock button

Note: Eco means low temperature and Super means high temperature

As you can see, changing the temperature on a Bosch fridge doesn’t take long. Admittedly, this procedure does not apply to every Bosch appliance. Some fridges have displays with sophisticated controls.

Others use a dial. The dial option is the easiest because you don’t have to choose between different temperature ranges. Instead, the dial will represent the various temperature options using numbers ranging from 1 to 5, 7, or even 9.

You can raise or lower the temperature by turning the dial up or down. The higher numbers on a Bosch fridge correspond to colder temperatures, while the lowest numbers are the opposite. For instance, 5 is the coldest setting while 1 is the warmest.

But you cannot make accurate adjustments if you don’t know what the numbers mean.

For instance, is 1 the warmest temperature or the coldest? If you can’t answer that question, you may raise the temperature when you want to lower it or vice versa.

Read the manual for clarification. If the fridge has a display, the manual will provide temperature recommendations depending on the items you want to store.

If the appliance has a dial, the documentation will tell you what the various numbers mean, not to mention the appropriate settings for different food items.

Basically, the manual has every answer you need. The worst thing you can do is to apply the temperature options and adjustment procedures of another person’s fridge to yours, especially when your models vary.

Talk to the manufacturer where necessary. They will offer whatever guidance you need. You should also consult an expert if the fridge has refused to respond to the temperature adjustments you keep making.

A Bosch fridge can refuse to cool for various reasons. Dirty condenser coils are a common culprit. An appliance with dirty condenser coils cannot operate efficiently because it has to work harder to lower the temperature.

If the condenser coils are sufficiently dirty, the temperature may rise drastically.

You can also check the condenser fan motor. A Bosch fridge cannot cool properly if this motor is defective. After all, the fan is responsible for pulling air through the condenser coils.

If the fan motor stops working because of obstructions or a defective part, temperatures will rise regardless of the adjustments you make. Other concerning components include the evaporator fan motor, temperature control thermostat, and the control board, to mention but a few.

Naturally, most people don’t know what these components look like, let alone where to find them. This is why laypeople are encouraged to hire an expert when their appliance refuses to respond to the temperature controls.

What Number Should My Bosch Fridge Freezer Be Set At?

I want you to keep the freezer temperature at -18 degree C . The fridge section doesn’t require the same temperature setting as the freezer. Aim for 2 – 8 degrees C.

The exact temperature will depend on the food you want to store. For instance, perishable goods require +4 degrees C or lower.

Things To Consider While Setting Up Bosch Temperature

1). The thermostat is one of the most important components in the appliance because it controls the current that runs to the compressor, condenser fan motor, and other essential elements.

Therefore, you should make the temperature control thermostat your first stop if the fridge refuses to cool. A defective thermostat can compromise the fridge’s operations.

2). Consider the climate in your area when you set the temperature.

I want you to lower the temperature during the summer because the difference between the fridge’s internal temperature and the exterior temperature is much larger.

In the winter, the temperature difference is much lower. The heat dissipation is less of an issue.

3). Don’t turn the fridge off when you leave on vacation. It sounds wasteful to leave the appliance on when you’re not home.

However, if you have food in the fridge, it will go bad if you deactivate the appliance. Therefore, it makes more sense to leave it on. More importantly, the device has a thermostat that prevents the compressor from working continuously.

You should only turn the fridge off when you intend to leave for long periods. In such a situation, you should empty the refrigerator. Take all the food out.

4). Some people think the lowest temperatures are always the best for the freezer compartment. But that is not true. Extreme temperatures in the freezer can block the vents with ice, preventing air circulation.

Additionally, the ice may compromise the functions of the inner thermostat, causing a malfunction. As such, you should aim for -18 degrees C. This temperature creates conditions that prevent bacteria from growing.

However, you don’t have to use this setting. Don’t be afraid to experiment. For instance, if freezer burn becomes a problem, or if you notice a change in the taste of your food, raise the temperature by a few degrees.

Although, the freezer temperature is not always at fault. You are more likely to notice freezer burn if you add food to the freezer before it cools.

Keep making adjustments until you find a setting that works for you. Some people use ice cream to identify suitable temperatures. They avoid temperatures that turn ice cream into solid ice.

They are also weary of temperatures that cover every surface with frost. But even if the frost doesn’t bother you, ice on the door gaskets should concern you because it shows that air keeps entering the freezer compartment.

5). Have you given any thought to the arrangement of the food in the fridge? Many people do not realize that a fridge door is the warmest place in the compartment because you expose it to warm air whenever you open the appliance.

Therefore, if you want to lower the temperature drastically but some food items prefer warmer conditions, you can keep them on the door shelf. The opposite is also true.

Put the items that require the coldest temperatures at the back to preserve them appropriately.

The height is just as important. For instance, deli meat belongs on the top shelf. The middle shelf can accommodate dairy products like cheese and milk. Fish can sit on the bottom shelf.

Don’t crowd the fridge. You will interfere with the air circulation. At the very least, don’t pack food around the vents.

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