How To Adjust The Temperature On A Duraflame Heater?

how to set temperature on duraflame heater

What is the best temperature setting for a Duraflame heater? How do you make those adjustments? This guide will tell you.

How To Adjust The Temperature On A Duraflame Heater?

The Duraflame heater won’t work unless you set the correct temperature. Use the following steps to achieve your objective:

  • Turn the heater on using the power button.
  • Press the up and down arrow keys to enter the temperature setting mode.
  • Press the button that fits your objective. If you want to raise the temperature, press the up arrow key. If you want to lower the temperature, press the down arrow key.
  • Regardless of the button you press, you will adjust the temperature by one degree (Either Celcius or Fahrenheit).
  • You can shift the temperature within a range of 50 to 97 degrees F.
  • You don’t have to do anything afterward. Leave the display alone. If you don’t input any commands for ten seconds, the system will exit the temperature setting mode.

How To Change Duraflame Heater From Celcius To Fahrenheit?

Hold the power button for three seconds.

However, the controls will vary depending on the model. Use the manual if you need clarification.  Call the manufacturer if you’ve followed the instructions, but the display has refused to change from F to C. This points to a glitch.

What Temperature Do You Set Your Heater?

You can’t afford to use the highest temperature settings because your energy bill will increase accordingly. According to Only Radiators, elevating your heater’s settings by one degree raises your heating bill by 10 percent per year.

In other words, the difference between 18 degrees C and 21 degrees C is more significant than you realize. If you need help identifying a suitable temperature for your Duraflame heater, consider these guidelines:

1). There Is No Such Thing As The Best Temperature For Your Home.

In fact, you don’t have to use your heater. Your body’s reaction to the ambient temperature will determine your response. In other words, if the temperatures have dropped dramatically, but you feel fine, you can ignore the heater.

And even if you activate the Duraflame heater, you can save money by using a lower temperature setting. But what if you’re determined to run the heater but want to know the ideal indoor temperature to target before you proceed?

According to the World Health Organization, 64 degrees F is the minimum indoor temperature for your home. What if you have vulnerable individuals in your house, such as children and senior citizens? Aim for 69.8 degrees F.

Again, you can ignore these recommendations if the temperatures have dropped, but you still feel comfortable.

2). Naturally, The Settings Will Vary Depending On The Season.

The settings that satisfy your needs in the summer cannot work in the winter because the ambient temperature is so much lower. Some people think they need the highest temperature setting during the winter, but that is not true.

From what CNET has seen, 68 degrees F is more than adequate for most homes. You can save money by wearing additional layers and turning the heat down. Keep in mind that heaters use less power at lower temperature settings.

This is why some homes have astronomically high energy bills during the winter. They push the heater too hard to compensate for the dropping ambient temperatures instead of reducing the heat loss by improving insulation.

3). Don’t Be So Quick To Use The Coldest Setting For Winter And The Warmest Setting For Summer.

The recommended temperature setting for the summer will surprise a lot of people. Experts want you to aim for 78 – 82 degrees F. You can adjust the temperature up or down depending on whether you are home or not. The time of day or night is also important.

People need to remember two crucial factors while setting the temperature. In the winter, a lower temperature is more appealing because your home will lose heat at a slower pace. This is the opposite during the summer.

Maintaining a higher interior temperature during the summer reduces the rate at which the heat enters your home.

4). Adjust The Temperature Depending On How You Feel.

Homeowners expect heating and cooling experts to recommend the highest temperatures for the bedroom. After all, most people prefer to sleep in warm conditions. However, you can afford to lower the temperature to 60 degrees F when you enter your bed.

First of all, excessive heat can prevent people from sleeping. Secondly, most people sleep under a blanket. Therefore, higher temperatures don’t serve any purpose. The season matters. For instance, you can set the temperature at 82 degrees F in the summer.

Admittedly, everyone is different. 82 degrees F might be too hot for some people and too cold for others. Gauge your body’s response when you enter your bed.

Things To Consider Before Setting Temperature

  • Are You Awake Or Asleep?

You need lower temperatures when you enter your bed because you have a blanket. You can stay warm even when the temperature setting is low. Use this opportunity to save money by lowering the temperature.

  • Do You Have Pets?

Pets don’t make as big a difference as people think. Any temperature between 64 and 78 degrees F is acceptable to them. They have fur that allows them to survive cold weather. And when summer comes around, you see them panting because the activity lets the creatures cool off.

These coping mechanisms enable pets to tolerate a variety of temperature settings. Therefore, you don’t have to consider them while selecting a temperature on your Duraflame heater, not unless your particular pet has shown an affinity for a specific setting.

  • Do Children Matter?

It depends on what you mean by ‘Children.’ You can’t expose infants to extreme temperatures. Keep the temperatures above 65 degrees. Additionally, the settings shouldn’t exceed 74 degrees F.

Use the child’s responses to make adjustments. You can shift the temperature upward or downward depending on their reactions.

  • Are You Home?

Reduce the heat when you’re not at home. Some people will turn the heater off when they leave for work every morning, but that is a mistake. When you return home in the evening, the appliance will use a lot of energy to raise the heat to your preferred setting.

You will waste energy instead of saving it. Lower the temperature but don’t turn the heater off. The best way to save money is to get a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats will adjust the temperature automatically.

They will respond to high or low ambient temperatures by raising or lowering the settings depending on the need. You can also program them to make changes depending on whether you are home and awake, home and asleep, or away from home.

They have energy saver modes that keep you comfortable without reducing the heater’s energy consumption.

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