How Do I Reset My Kenmore Dishwasher Model 665? (5 Methods)

How Do I Reset My Kenmore Dishwasher Model 665

Ruud Balkenende, Conny Bakker, Beatriz Pozo Arcos, and Bas Flipsen have a paper in the Journal of Cleaner Production that explores fault diagnosis.

They’ve identified resets as a viable solution to malfunctions in household appliances. A reset eliminates errors, returning the computer to an optimal operating condition.

Some laypeople may dismiss that explanation because they don’t understand how computers and dishwashers are related. Modern dishwashers are basically computers. Or, at the very least, they have circuit boards that perform computing tasks.

Therefore, a reset is just as vital to a dishwasher as it is to a conventional computer. Consumers reset Kenmore dishwashers for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The dishwasher won’t open.
  • The controls won’t respond.
  • The dishwasher is stuck on a cycle.
  • The wash cycle won’t start.
  • The dishwasher keeps beeping.
  • The dishwasher makes strange sounds.
  • The dishwasher won’t drain.

Kenmore dishwashers place several reset options at your disposal. Choose the most convenient method for your situation:

1). Hard Reset

  • Pull the dishwasher’s plug out of the outlet.
  • Wait thirty seconds to a minute.
  • Plug the appliance back in and start the dishwasher.
  • What if the appliance is hardwired? Cut the power at the breaker. Wait a few minutes before restoring the power.

A hard reset is appealing because it works on Kenmore dishwashers whose controls have stopped responding. You don’t have to press any buttons. Depriving the device of power for a few seconds or minutes will restore default settings by shutting the circuit board down.

The circuit board should function normally once you restore power. If the hard reset fails, perform it again. Some malfunctions require multiple resets.

2). Heated Dry Button

  • Press the heated dry button and the normal wash button.
  • Press the heated dry button and the normal wash button.
  • Press the heated dry button and the normal wash button.
  • Press the heated dry button and the normal wash button.
  • Latch the dishwasher.

As the instructions suggest, you press the heated dry and normal wash buttons four times with just a second between each sequence. Naturally, this method only works for models with a heated dry button.

3). Select Cycle Button

  • Press ‘Select Cycle’ and ‘Heated Dry.’
  • Press ‘Select Cycle’ and ‘Heated Dry.’
  • Press ‘Select Cycle’ and ‘Heated Dry.’
  • Once all the lights come on, press ‘Cancel/Drain.’

Don’t pause for more than a second between each sequence. This method works if the machine has a ‘Select Cycle’ button instead of ‘Normal Wash.’

4). Pots and Pans Button

  • Press ‘Pots and Pans,’ ‘Normal Wash,’ and then ‘One-Hour Wash.’
  • Press ‘Pots and Pans,’ ‘Normal Wash,’ and then ‘One-Hour Wash.’
  • Press ‘Pots and Pans,’ ‘Normal Wash,’ and then ‘One-Hour Wash.’
  • Latch the door.

You will know that you’ve succeeded once all the lights illuminate. And then, you can initiate a short cycle by closing the door.

5). Outer Button Reset

  • Find the three buttons on the control panel and press the two outer buttons.
  • Hold the two outer buttons for three seconds.
  • Close the door and latch it to start the short cycle.
  • This method works when you don’t have a heated dry button. If it fails, press any three buttons three times. Try to replicate the sequences from the methods above.
  • In some cases, executing the three-button sequence gives you access to the diagnostic codes as opposed to resetting the machine. This outcome is appealing because it allows you to identify the problem.

This TSR video illustrates the process of resetting the dishwasher using the three-button sequence. Videos like this one are important because they show you the type of delay you should aim for in between sequences.

Some people fail to reset their dishwashers because they wait too long between each sequence of buttons. The video reveals the correct delay between sequences and the results you will observe.

KCSFM Repair has confirmed that pressing any three buttons in the correct sequence (1-2-3 and then repeating two more times) will reset the appliance. This should encourage you to experiment.

But what if it fails? A reset will resolve basic software glitches and faults. It won’t fix serious hardware defects. You don’t lose anything by performing a reset. But once it fails, you should perform additional troubleshooting. Find a solution that matches the problems you’ve identified, for instance:

  • If the dishwasher doesn’t fill, check the water supply. Unblock clogged inlet valves and replace them if they fail. Replace corroded pipes, especially if they’ve reduced your plumbing’s water pressure.
  • If the dishwasher won’t clean the dishes to your satisfaction, inspect the spray arms. Replace them once they corrode or refuse to turn. Follow Kenmore’s instructions while loading the machine. Don’t forget to use the recommended detergent in the correct dosage.
  • If the machine leaks, find and fix broken seals and damaged door hinges. Look for tears in the water line.
  • If the dishwasher stops mid-cycle, look for a broken latch. The machine cannot run with an open door. A Kenmore dishwasher responds to an open door and a door with a broken latch the same way. If the latch is okay, the fault lies with a bad sensor or damaged circuit board.
  • If the dishwasher doesn’t start, look for loose connections and worn-out wiring. Does the circuit have power? Does the outlet work? Did the breaker trip? Has the circuit board failed?
  • If the machine won’t drain, inspect the drain hose for blockages. Has the drain pump failed? Is the drain valve damaged? A defective drainage system will prevent the dishwasher from running.
  • If the appliance makes too much noise, look for obstructions in the pump, a broken motor, debris in the chopper blade, and an uneven surface beneath the dishwasher.

Some defects will persist until you replace the faulty hardware components. A reset won’t make a difference. Extreme circumstances will force you to replace the Kenmore dishwasher.

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