7 Reasons Split AC Display Not Working (Fixed)

split ac display not working

A split AC is useless without the thermostat. Think about it. Without the thermostat, you can’t track or control the temperature. What happens when the screen goes blank? Many people panic.

They think the AC has stopped working. But that isn’t always the case. A split AC display can stop working for one or more of the following reasons:

1). The Batteries Are Dead

This problem is more common than people think. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t consider the batteries because they expect the air conditioner to power the thermostat directly. But that is only true if the thermostat has a common wire.

Without the C-wire, the thermostat must rely on a set of batteries.

The screen will go blank once the batteries deplete. The thermostat will flash a ‘Low Battery’ icon before the screen goes blank. This gives you an opportunity to act before the battery dies.

2). The Thermostat Is Charging

If the air conditioner runs the thermostat directly, the screen may go blank temporarily while the thermostat recharges. You should only panic when the display remains permanently blank. Check the common wire. Is it disconnected? Do you see burn marks and tears? A loose or damaged C-wire will disrupt the thermostat’s power supply.

Rodents bite wires all the time. It sounds ridiculous because wires have no nutritional value. The experts at Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control have noted that rats chew through wires while grinding down their teeth because they never stop growing.

In other words, they don’t necessarily set out to eat the wires. Although, it doesn’t change the outcome. Don’t ignore broken cables. Exposed conductors will encourage arcing.

3). The Air Conditioner Is Off

A power disruption will kill any thermostat that draws its power from the air conditioner. Fixing the thermostat means troubleshooting the split AC’s power supply. Did the breaker trip? Have you inspected the wires for damage? Are the connections loose?

4). You Switched The Thermostat Off

Is your thermostat always active, or does it have an ON/OFF switch? If you can switch the device on and off, consider the possibility that you turned the screen off. Newcomers do this accidentally because they don’t understand the thermostat’s controls. If the thermostat is within your children’s reach, you can’t rule them out.

5). Something Tripped The Safety Switch

Some air conditioners have a safety switch that trips to protect the unit from a severe fault, such as frozen evaporator coils. A tripped safety switch will tell the air conditioner and thermostat to shut down. You can’t restore the split AC display without identifying the fault that tripped the safety switch.

6). The Thermostat Is Dead

A good thermostat can last ten or more years. But eventually, it will fail. Old, worn-out thermostats manifest various signs before dying. For instance, they will turn the AC on and off, provide faulty readings, increase your energy bill, alter the temperature without warning, etc.

You should hire a technician before buying a replacement. The expert will determine whether the thermostat is well and truly dead or the screen has a defect. Although, technicians rarely fix faulty displays. They will implore you to replace the entire thermostat.

7). The Split AC Has A Defective Circuit Board

Modern air conditioners use circuit boards to manage a unit’s sophisticated functions. The AC is unlikely to work without a functional circuit board. And if it works, expect the unit’s operations to become erratic. A blank display is just one among the many consequences you will eventually observe.

How To Fix Split Ac Display That Is Not Working?

While these problems sound complex, they have relatively straightforward solutions:

1). Check The AC Unit

Start with the air conditioner. A malfunction in the air conditioner can disrupt the display’s work. You need a professional to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve the following problems:

  • Low refrigerant.
  • Dirty air filters.
  • Dead capacitor.
  • Dirty condenser.
  • Broken fan.
  • Blocked drain pain.
  • Faulty motor.
  • Damaged power cord, etc.

Resolving these issues may fix the inactive display.

2). Reset

You can eliminate system glitches by performing a reset, especially when the controls become unresponsive. The reset procedures will vary depending on the model.

If the AC unit includes a reset button, press it. Otherwise, disconnect the device from its power source and wait five or ten minutes before reconnecting it.

3). Check The Circuit Board

Consumers usually perform a reset when they suspect a fault with the circuit board. If the blank screen persists despite the reset, access the board and test it for continuity. If it fails the test, replace it.

Some technicians may offer to fix the board, but a replacement is a superior option. A new circuit board will stand the test of time.

4). Replace The Thermostat

Replace any thermostat you’ve owned for ten or more years, especially when it starts displaying incorrect readings. Some thermostats are simply outdated. They can’t work with the modern features and functions your AC unit offers.

The technician will make the final decision in this situation. They will determine whether the thermostat can be repaired or if the device has exceeded its lifespan.

5). Replace Depleted Batteries

Use the size, capacity, and brand the manufacturer recommends. Check the manual to determine the specs you should prioritize. Pay attention to the polarity while inserting the batteries.

Check the thermostat’s circuit board if the ‘Low Battery’ symbol persists.

6). Check The Wiring

If the AC unit directly powers the thermostat, check the common wire. Make sure it has a firm connection to the thermostat. If you notice signs of wear and tear, replace the wire before it sparks and starts a fire.

7). Follow The Instructions

If you’ve never owned an air conditioner, read the instructions before handling the thermostat. The manual will tell you how to activate, deactivate, and program the device. It may also tell you how to resolve a blank screen.

If you can’t find the manual, contact the manufacturer. Their customer support personnel will guide you accordingly.

8). Check The Power Source

Make sure the air conditioner has a reliable power supply. That means resetting tripped breakers and replacing damaged power cords, plugs, and outlets.

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